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The Logomancer
Full game available for download now!
September 6, 2013 - Edo Animus

The full version of the Logomancer is available for download to play and evaluate at the Logomancer's IndieDB page

Head there and download the game to play it for yourself.

One of the comments suggested releasing the game for free instead of trying to get it onto Steam and that's what I've done (and actually always planned to do)! Although making money so as to not starve is something I look forward to in the future, the truth is that this game was made over the course of a year to accomplish two goals. The first was to tell the story of Ordolus and its logomancers and the second was to produce a game as a resume to get a job in game development.

To that end, I made sure that all of the art, tilesets, music, writing and scripting was my own effort so I had no one else to congratulate or blame but myself! I'm not seeking a programming job (and happen to be terrible at it besides) so the RPG Maker VX Ace engine was a perfect fit for the goals of the project. To be fair, my brother (who actually is a great programmer) helped with the writing and implementation of the Ruby scripts in the game.

I hope you play and enjoy the game!