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Heroes of a Broken Land
July 11, 2014 - Winged Pixel

Finally the day has arrived!

I hope to have more details about when exactly Heroes of a Broken Land will appear on Steam. I plan on adding some Steam-specific features (acheivements, cards) and will have to do some research before commiting to a release date.

So stay tuned!

P.S. I'd just like to be clear, than people who have already purchased the game from another site, you are entitled to a Steam key when the game launches on Steam.

June 14, 2014 - Winged Pixel

So HOBL is now #65 on Greenlight, meaning it will hopefully be Greenlit in the next batch or so! Keep your fingers crossed!

April 13, 2014 - Winged Pixel

Version 1.5 was released this week. Fixing a number of issue related to the Golem class, many UI tweaks and a ton of bug fixes. This patch also adds more monster variety to many dungeons, enjoy!

Change log:

  • Add icons for Haste, Chill and Burn statuses
  • Healing spells now ignore resistance
  • Status inflicting skills now inflict the stronger version (Decay will override Poison)
  • Added more messages to battles
  • Golem could not learn Shock Proof
  • Golem stat cost increased
  • Golem skill level requirements increased
  • Golem stat adjustment UI improved (hold mouse down)
  • Fix bug where Golem could learn skills by adjusting level up and down
  • Added message to clarify Golem is delivered to home town
  • Added icon to show purified dungeons
  • Elemental lord messages updated, spawn near pillars
  • Rebalance monster types found in dungeons
  • Fix classes found in Jail cells
  • Reduce the amount of Adventurer recruits (new heroes only change class once)
  • Clairfy Gladiator class description
  • Clarify Storm spell descriptions
  • Fix incorrect wording in Trade Dispute event
  • Fix Void shrine giving XP to all parties
  • Thieves guild UI tweak
  • Tweak Ghost Rat stats
  • Improve slowdown on really large dungeon logs
  • Fix issues where objects would not fade properly during battle
  • Fix Frostbite being learned during battle
  • Fix upgraded skills remaining in Favorites list
  • Added self-patching to Linux versions (will take affect in future updates)
* Change Sliver Slime to Silver Slime

March 10, 2014 - Winged Pixel

Version 1.4 is mostly just bug fixes, but there are are handful of UI improvements. I believe that a game's UI should be a straightforward and intuitive as possible and will continue to improve the UI where practical.

The intersting UI fixes are adding a distinction between open and closed doors to the auto map, improving the tool tip delay to pop up a bit faster since it's so important to get item and monster information, and cleaning up the world hero selection to remvoe some subtle issues with multiple parties on the same tile.

Change log:

  • Fix issues when exiting the Crystal Tower
  • Fix flanking issues and monster facing issues
  • Fix Level Up screen not accounting for Wizard powers
  • Fix Fae Queen skill not being learned
  • Fix dungeon generation bug with bad teleporters
  • Make recruiting UI a bit more easy to understand
  • Fix world interaction with multiple parties and none selected
  • Open and closed doors now show on map differently
  • Neutral damage resistance gives a chance to resist Stun
  • Fix tool tip in help menu
  • Reduce Might Cleave MP cost
  • Tweak Ghost Rat difficulty again
  • Make magic fountiains more common in the final dungeon
  • Reduce tool tip time
  • Fix more spelling mistakes

February 19, 2014 - Winged Pixel

Heroes of a Broken Land version 1.2 is now out. It's a massive list of fixes and features.

Check out the 1.2 Update video


  • Added Fast travel when you've build a stable in any town (more = cheaper)
  • Automated movement in dungeons between explored areas from the map screen
  • Dungeons can be purified after clearing, preventing any monster spawns (they will still re-open)
  • More boss fights added
  • Items can be equipped directly from the store, for any Hero
  • Lizards and Fae can no longer change to Adventurers
  • World monster dungeons will only regenerate at end of turn, instead of each time you enter the dungeon
  • Prevent object interaction when map is open
  • Gladiators are now recruitable
  • Rage skill is now usable
  • Fix for certain spells (E.g. Storm) doing less damage after class change
  • Tweak Fae spray attack to be a bit stronger
  • Fix income incorrectly affected by wizard choice
  • Always show Load Game option from main menu
  • Fix Golem XP gaining bug
  • Fix Shout not properly stunnning
  • Fix Multi-party boss loss conditions
  • Fix resistances resetting on class change
  • Fix issue where top floors could be made to disappear in multi-party dungeons
  • Fix Drain MP and HP skill descriptions
  • Fix alchemist description (need enchanter to get best potions)
  • Tweak mouse wheel behaviour, should scroll better
  • Tweak skill list UI to prevent skill selection when clicking scroll bar
  • Added confirmation dialog when quitting game
  • Fix issue where Sorceror didn't receive the proper skills on promotion
  • Fix haste, now it only increases speed not speed and EVD
  • Fix MP reduced spells from being cast when low on MP
  • Prevent erasing of name in Adventurer's Guild
  • Fix Shell/Mass Shell resist amount
  • Fix auto-attack high-lighting the wrong player
  • Fix auto-attack not closing skill/item menus
  • Fix issue with Rat Plague not ending properly (again...)
  • Fix issue where Priest was not offered Healing Prayer skill
  • Lots of minor UI and text/typo fixes

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