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Yargis: The Beginning
February 26 - Jeff

Changes included in version
* All single player levels are now available. Play Yargis' story through level 29.
* More challenging computer opponents. AIs can now try to capture the flag, hold the hill, complete mazes and more!
* More and easier customization of ships in the Hangar.
More weapons! Slime Thrower, Farshot Blaster, and more.
* Graphical improvements:
Ships catch fire when damaged; ship explosions have been upgraded.
Post processing effects are now available in game.
Mazes are now randomly colored.
Missiles have had their graphics improved.
Basic hardware anti-aliasing mode has been adjusted.
Some other levels have been updated.
* Assorted bugs have been fixed, including:
DM Megaship has had graphics problems fixed.
Fixed issues where certain configurations of primitive or model components could cause graphics problems.
Fixed a possible problem when a network client loads a level.
Fixed problems with power-ups over the network.
Fixed/prevented issues that could cause ships or other objects to get bounced out of the level.

January 23 - Jeff

Join us on the 4th Fridays at 3:00 PM CST inside Yargis. Download the newest version:

We will be playing on the Official PlazSoft servers. See you in space!

January 23 - Jeff

Release notes for version, released 23 January 2015:
* Two new mult-iplayer levels: DM Megaship and DM Herena
* New single-player level
* New network server browser.
* New weapon: Repulsion Wave Emitter. Push your enemies away with a powerful wave. Forceful Wave Emitter has been updated too.
* Editor: Improvements to editing selectors (aka filters), more control of music playing in levels, volume is now adjustable in the editor.
* Network/server and hangar bug fixes.
* Xbox 360 controllers should have a smoother experience navigating menus.
* Minor graphical improvements.

January 3 - Jeff

Our latest version of Yargis,, has tons of new maps and ships!

We are looking for graphic designers and level creators to add even more content!

There are way too many features and improvements since the last update, but here are a few highlights:
* Dedicated server added
* Internet game servers now online
* Improved single player and multi-player maps
* Better performance and graphics
* Easier and more powerful level editor

Here is a link to the free update. You can share this with your friends!:

And as a special treat, we have added Prison Break mode. Capture the flag, but be careful when you are behind enemy lines; if you get killed, you will be sent to prison. Then a teammate must recuse you from jail!

November 18, 2013 - Jeff

Vote yes and post your feedback in the comments to earn a free software code! Limited time offer!
Download link:

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