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Zone 22
August 18 - ReeLife

I've been getting a lot of comments / mails and more comments asking if the project is dead or not. Well it's not, not by a long shot. The game will be released within the year or early next and I have lots of stuff to show off very soon.

April 16 - ReeLife

We got greenlit guys! Thank you so much for this!

April 3 - ReeLife

We're in the top 50 you guys. This is so awesome, we're almost there!

February 26 - ReeLife

We are closing in fast guys. Thank you for all of your support so far it's been really crazy. Let's push it the last few steps and we might make it!

August 30, 2013 - ReeLife

The other day I completed a new system that I think will be rather intersting for the game. Depending on high or low your stress levels are when you go to sleep, the player will sometimes encounter dreams / nightmares. Ordinary Dreams might occour without a high stress level and will explain bits and pieces of the characters (the one that you are controlling AKA - CIV-91) backstory. These dreams is not long at all, ranging from 30-60 seconds. Things that I might implement in the future is that the dreams will give you Hints towards an object / location that might help you escape.

More info to come soon! Stay tuned everybody.

Also the greenlight seems to go rather well, hopefully if things stay like this we'll reach the top 100 within the month. I can't thank you guys enough!

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