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Zone 22
December 18 - ReeLife

Hello guys hope you're enjoying yourself this close to the holidays here's an update of the state of the game / release.

First of all the game was said to be released this year but as you probably have figured out that is not the case, the game will be released next year and the current due date is set in March. I've received comments and mails about the lack of updates and I apologize, trailers are coming and new screenshots of the game can be seen at Once the steam store page is done you will see all the new art and the games new graphical improvements / style.

Almost everything is done in the game I just got the end game left and then it's just polishing. Like I've said many times before, I won't release this game on Early Access.

Enjoy your holidays and you'll hear from me soon!


August 18 - ReeLife

I've been getting a lot of comments / mails and more comments asking if the project is dead or not. Well it's not, not by a long shot. The game will be released within the year or early next and I have lots of stuff to show off very soon.

April 16 - ReeLife

We got greenlit guys! Thank you so much for this!

April 3 - ReeLife

We're in the top 50 you guys. This is so awesome, we're almost there!

February 26 - ReeLife

We are closing in fast guys. Thank you for all of your support so far it's been really crazy. Let's push it the last few steps and we might make it!

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