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Sword 'N' Board
September 4 - Hexxiss

I would like to thank everyone that came to the page, voted for the game and is currently following the game, your support has been absolutely amazing!

In case the giant green banner across the top of our page isn't enough of a giant "Hey look at me!", the game is now through Greenlight!

Now comes the hard part of finally finishing the game, and getting it up for everyone to play and purchase!

As things progress, or video updates are made, I'll be posting them here for everyone to see. Again, thank you everyone, this is amazing!

August 14 - Hexxiss

First of all, thank you everyone for your support and sharing it with your friends so we can get Sword 'N' Board through Greenlight! It sat idle for quite some time, but now it really looks like it might make it through! Be sure to tell your friends that have a Steam account to come and give the game a yes vote, so we can make sure the game either stays #38 or moves even higher! It's very possible it might get the Greenlight (pun intended) when Valve selects the next patch of games, which could be any day now!

Thank you all again, so much! Being a 1 person team is always difficult, and the support the game has been given, really makes it all worth it!

April 5 - Hexxiss

This Sworderday update shows a couple different item combinations, and Sidd's Teleport ability. It also shows more of the main inventory system as well as how the Forge and Anvil system will work together as well!

I'll be adding more animations and effects to Sidd's teleport ability later on.

4.5.2014 Sworderday Update

March 29 - Hexxiss

So I will be updating this Greenlight page every Saturday with new features that are currently in the game, new item combinations and what have you, so you can all see what is going on with development and stay up to date!

In this one, I talk about the way the animations have changed since the last real showing of the game, enemy AI and the current forge system. I also show the new Inventory screen, and find a bug!

You can see that here! Sworderday Update!

February 24 - Hexxiss

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I posted anything here!

A lot of things have been changing in the world of Sword 'N' Board, for the better! The lucky part is, is I was able to upgrade my development computer, so I'll be getting some new updated video's on the page here very soon, that better show off the game and gameplay!
As of right now, the main Video on the Steam Greenlight page is from a playthrough of a very early Alpha build that Eagle Eye Gaming did, which was the demo that was released when the Kickstarter was first active. As an Alpha build though you can expect it was rather... rough around the edges. Also, I want to get a Video on the Greenlight page that is actually me playing, rather than someone else.

The Animations to begin with were pretty place holder, and I was also redesigning the main character, as I really didn't like the look of him with his face mask down, and wanted to change a few things with his clothing. The animations were lacking, and the main character's range of attack was EXTREMELY short, which made fighting enemies pretty annoying at times. Below is Sidd's new design:

You can also see some instances of Sidd's new animations on the Sword 'N' Board Facebook page as well!


Another thing that people really wanted in the game during the Kickstarter was 8 directional movement. Meaning you can move Up, Down left and Right, and also Diagonally in any direction you wish. At the time the game didn't have that, as I was trying to keep the controls very old school feeling, but after listening to everyone ask for it, and trying it out myself it was definitely something that the game needed!

Controller Support

I've added Controller support to the game, and programmed everything to work well with an Xbox 360 controller. For those of you that prefer a different controller, you may need to use a 3rd party program to remap your buttons, but it shouldn't be too difficult to do that. But for those of you that already use an xbox 360 controller for some of your games, you should be able to simply plug it in, and get to playing!


As I mentioned, the animations in the alpha build were lacking, and were something that I've wanted to fix for a while. They're undergoing a huge change, and one that I really like. I'm doing my best to keep them dynamic, responsive and also very stylized. I've always been a huge fan of Paul Robertson's (he did Animations for the Scott Pilgrim Game, as well as Fez) and he's a huge inspiration for the animations that I'm currently doing now. Not only have I been reanimating Sidd, but also the enemies as well as Item effects. The Mortar shells as people will soon notice once the newer video is posted, have been greatly improved!

Enemy AI Improvements

The Enemy AI in the game previously was extremely primitive. While it worked on a basic stand point, it wasn't in any way as sophisticated or intelligent as I would have liked. To be completely honest it was something thrown together in the 11th hour before I had to show the game at a game conference, and something that I knew I would eventually have to improve, and work the bugs out of. I can happily say that the enemy AI is a thousand times better than it was previously, as they will wander the map, looking for things to do, avoid obstacles completely, and chase Sidd should he get too close now! Of course, every enemy in the game will have various different mechanics, so they will all act differently and have different unique abilities, but that's something I will have to show at a later time!

Enemy HP Bars

Enemies will now have HP bars in the game! "But Rob, won't that clutter the screen?!" Absolutely not! They will only be visible when Sidd is within attacking range of an enemy, but should you ever move outside of that area, their HP bar will disappear until you come within range again. Don't worry, their HP will not reset!
This was added for a main reason, and that's because of the new RPG style inventory and upgrade system the game will have. Everyone loves to be able to see just how powerful their character is, and how much damage they are able to do!

Inventory and Upgrade system

This is something I had initially thought of a long time ago, and shelved for a while, and brought it back as a stretch goal during the Kickstarter. I brought it back for a number of various reasons.

1.) It allows you the player to even better customize the way you play. While I definitely want to create different item combinations to allow for different play styles, I wanted there to be another level of complexity when it comes to customization of your play experience. Are you someone that likes to get amped up on Upgrades and slaughter everything in your path? Or do you want to make your character super durable, and take on hordes of enemies with little worry? Maybe you like a balance of both? Well, you can choose now, how you want to play!

2.) It creates a built it way to customize the game's difficulty. You can make the game essentially as difficult, or as simple as you want! While I fully intend on creating things to be challenging even to a player with max upgrades, you can very much create an easier experience for yourself by collecting items, forging new ones and upgrading your abilities! Or, if you want to create a more challenging experience you could progress through the entire game and not collect a single upgrade! As I mentioned, how you play is totally up to you!

3.) It gives those players that like to collect things within a game, something more to do beyond solving puzzles. While puzzles and action are great, and can be a lot of fun there are players that also LOVE to be able to explore and make sure they have seen and collected everything that there is to do in a game, and this will definitely give those of you something even more to do!

4.) It promotes exploration through rewarding you the player. A lot of the things needed for forging new items and creating new upgrades will have to be found through exploration and finding secret rooms. Something a missed from a lot of more modern games is the emphasis on exploration, and the feeling of finding that secret room that you never knew about, but were able to find on your own! This will give you another reason to take your time and search for those secrets!

As I said, there is a lot more coming down the pipeline, and expect some new video's here very soon!

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