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Aaru's Awakening
26 mai 2014 - Lumenox Games

We were featured in an Icelandic tech show early this year and they covered how our game is made pretty well. I added subtitles to the video so you can all see how the game is made and why we decided to make it the way we do. Let us know what you think!


19 mai 2014 - Lumenox Games

We just started a newsletter, which we will use about twice a month to give our fans special deals, promote tournaments, give you news on Aaru's Awakening and new games from Lumenox Games and more. As we said, we'll only do it about twice a month with the most important news - so we won't spam you :)

Subscribe here to get in on it! [lumenoxgames.us8.list-manage1.com]

20 mars 2014 - Lumenox Games

We just reached 98% to the top 100 on Greenlight and release is just around the corner. We've almost finished production and we aim to release the game in April, but we need your help to reach Steam. So we plead that you spread the word and get people you know - who might be interested - to check out our game and give us a vote! Then we can deliver the game to you guys in April, via Steam :)

25 février 2014 - Lumenox Games

We got a nice surprise on Friday, when GameTrailers included us on their Top 10 list of Indie Showstoppers. Getting acknowledgement from such a prestigious site is definitely a boost for us!

Here is a link to the video: GameTrailers

28 janvier 2014 - Lumenox Games

We just posted a new trailer that shows off the Night domain of the game. We'd love to hear you thoughts on it!


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