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Level Preview #3
July 3, 2014 - Hunt Game Studios

We uploaded a new Level Preview video showcasing some of the city locations players will be traveling through in the game. The video shows off the Magnos/Gnome home city of Stoneridge Sanctuary along with the Harukaan/Goblin home city of The Pit. Some of the outposts in Kargath and The Wastes are also featured.

Each region has its own flavor and backstory that influences the culture of the people. Stoneridge Sanctuary is located in the north of Aria in the snowy region of Kargath. The cities are mainly populated by the Magnos and Gnomes who work together in mining and forging equipment. The Pit is to the east of Jarrendahl in the dreaded Wastes. The environment is harsh and is mostly populated by the coin obsessed Goblins and stubborn Harukaan.