This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.


Check out a sample of the newly redesigned gray cave tileset. The interior walls have been redone to align with the game’s new rock formations giving the interiors of caves a more natural feel. Props such as vines, holes, stalagmites, etc have all been redrawn and can now be placed at half-tile increments. The switch to Unity has given us the ability to implement improved lighting, including both ambient and point lighting, along with advanced camera filters.

We are excited to announce that Gheldia has made the switch to the Unity Game Engine[]!

Unity is quickly becoming the golden standard for independent game developers and now is the perfect opportunity to become part of that community. The switch to Unity has breathed new life into the project and has given us the ability to implement many concepts that weren’t possible with the original engine. These concepts will expand Gheldia’s gameplay options, yield more interesting encounters, broaden the story scope with more engaging events, and more.

Unity also has native system support for porting, which introduces the prospect of releasing Gheldia on other operating systems, consoles, and smart devices. We will confirm the actual platforms at a later date.

We have many more updates to share so check back weekly for new information!

The Gel is a fairly common beast found throughout the caverns of Aldunia. They pool up from within cracks in the ground and even ascend to the surface looking for prey. Although they are slow moving, they can overwhelm in numbers and possess a very quick claw strike. Gels also have the ability to inflict Slow with their sludge.

Myla is the leader of The Crimson Dawn- a small resistance group she formed to reclaim her homeland, the Isle of Bahldaris. For many years the Iron Raiders, a tyrannical band of pirates, have forced the population to work in harsh conditions mining the island’s rich resources. After Myla escaped she dedicated herself to traditional Bahldaris training, specializing in close-quarters combat. Myla is sympathetic to the plights of others and devotes herself to liberating the oppressed.

Check out a sample of the newly redesigned green forest tileset. We’ve made a number of revisions including natural rock formations, improved tree grouping, and better edging for paths and grass.

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