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August 15 - Hunt Game Studios

Odile is a highly decorated Golden Phoenix knight from Herongarde and the daughter of Duke Henyrk Adelmund. With the Duke’s waning health, Odile is being pressured to withdraw from her position as captain of her battalion to take over the royal line. Odile feels that she can inspire and lead her people more effectively by having an active role in their protection. Committed, driven, and strong-willed, Odile always chooses to stand her ground.

Dark Wizards are Aether wielding fanatics that follow the Conjurer and are practitioners of the dark arts. They possess both offensive and defensive spells with the ability to hurl fireballs and buff their fellow beasts. They tend to keep their distance but should be dealt with as quickly as possible.

Check out a sample of the newly redesigned ruins tileset. New broken walls and props were added to give the ruins of Aldunia more detail and variation. These ancient ruins were once strongholds of the Centurions, however they have been abandoned and commandeered by the beast hordes.

Durwin is Lor’s younger brother. His dream has always been to join his brother, who he idolizes, in the Aetherian Guard. Even though Druwin is incapable of harnessing Aether he excels as a swordsman and was awarded the position of Master Sentry at Balefore Castle. He is brash and spontaneous which sometimes causes him trouble, though his heart is in the right place.

Skeletal Soldiers are formed by reanimating the bones of fallen warriors using dark Aether. They wield large axes that possess impressive range and crushing power. These enemies tend to patrol areas and are extremely aggressive when engaged in combat. It’s best to find an opening instead of attacking them head-on due to their solid offensive and defensive capabilities.

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