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Fran Bow
February 28 - Killmonday

We wanted to say hello and also answer the most frequent questions!

1.When is Fran Bow release date?
We really are aiming to have the game finished in the end of July or middle of August, We don't want to ensure anything yet until we are working on the last touch... Just so we know that we can deliver.

2. Which languages will come with the released game?
English, Spanish and German. Those are release languages, later on will be done to Italian, French, Russian and others if possible.

3. What is taking so long time to finish the game?
This is a very frequent question and we guess many haven't got the information.
Many think the game is only in the mental institution, but that's just the first part of the game.
Also we are trying to make the puzzles unique from each other. There is no copying code or reusing old puzzles, everything is made to be unique for the story to progress with each puzzle you solve, and the amount of interaction and items you can collect should satisfy your adventurous needs and more!
We are working on the third chapter now and it will be a while before we can go to the fourth and even more time to get to the fifth! And each chapter just keeps growing!

All in all, the development is going great and it's amazing to see the game come together! We can't wait to show it to you!

Hope you have a great week!

December 5, 2013 - Killmonday

Hello awesome gamers!

We are working hard on Fran Bow to get it done for next year and it's going smoothly! Now when the snow is starting to fall (atleast here in the northern parts of Earth) and it's a time for jollyness we put 3 days aside from madness and the heavy work with Fran and made a little free Christmas game for you all, featuring Mr. Red!

Some say it's creepy, but we think it's just cute! Maybe the creepiness is something deep in our blood of creation, who knows...

Anyway, from our blog you can find different places to play it! Web, Mac, Linux and Win!
Get the game for free![]

Want to see before you ascend into the mad little puppets adventure? Watch the trailer!

Merry christmas!

October 22, 2013 - Killmonday

Awesome! We have been greenlit and will be available on steam next year!

That is huge for us! And it's all thanks for all your support for the game, so many many thousands of thanks to you! We are starting to get real happy about the way the game is coming along and can't wait to show you more. In a way, it will be more horrible but in a subtle way. We want it to be a really magical experience and that you will feel a connection to Fran. It will truly be a big adventure she will embark on, with a lot of hard choices on the way..

Do join us on the Fran Bow group! Fran Bow steam group and stay in touch with us on Facebook or twitter if you have any questions, we try our best of best to keep in touch when not working on the game 24-7!

September 20, 2013 - Killmonday

Hello everyone and sorry for the late update!

After the indiegogo we have been getting things in order and ready for us to start developing the game, and we also needed a few days to rest our minds!

Now we are back in action and have already done many improvements, such as adding the localization feature to the game so you can expect the game to be translated into tons of languages now! Primary focus for the release is English, Spanish and German! French and Russian will also be targeted, that would be cool to have on release.

You know the demo had one floor in the instutition? It will now have 3 floors! Originally we wanted to make it bigger, more alive and immersive but we didn't have the resources. Now we can do it! The entire game will be how we wanted to make it from the beginning, and that means more to explore, to feel and a much wider experience in the story.

We have also made some really time-saving improvements to the engine, so the time saved will go into making this the best game we can for the release, someting we feel delivers what we want and no stress will alter the final product!

We have been discussing the story and puzzles a lot and taken into account all the feedback we had from the gamers, and feel like we can't wait to show you the rest of the game! And there will be many easter eggs to be found ;)

Thanks for your support and interest in our game! Be sure to follow us on facebook or twitter, there will be tons of behind-the-scenes and secrets revealed there!

September 1, 2013 - Killmonday

Thanks to the people Fran Bow got funded and we can finally start to work on it!

We are so grateful of this, and will do our best to make this game to a experience that will never leave you :). There is lots to do now! We will be making the game in different languages and add voice-acting on the cutscenes, that will also be fully animated.

We will be releasing a official demo of the full game that will be a part of chapter one. The alpha demo that is available now is not the full chapter one either, it has lots of stuff missing!

Now we need all the support we can to get on Steam! And do follow us on our facebook where you will receive all the newest news available during the development and much more!

Go Steam gamers, go!

Best regards ever,
Isak & Natalia

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