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Fran Bow
August 27, 2015 - Killmonday

Dear awesome friends,

This day, the August of 27th, we finally released our first big game called Fran Bow!
We are so happy and proud and excited!!! It's unbelivable, but very true!
The wait to uncover the bloody mystery surrounding Fran and everything happening to her is over, and you can now get it and experience it all! Find Mr. Midnight!

Get the game here or try out the demo if you want to try it out first! :)

Later today, 22:00 CEST, we will have a developer Stream on our twitch, come join us while we play the game, answer questions, give hints or show some behind-the-scenes material (early builds etc):
Killmonday Games Twitch[]

Other than that, there's not much to say right now! Also, you should be playing Fran Bow now!
Thank you and hope you try Fran Bow out!

Natalia & Isak
Killmonday Games

August 22, 2015 - Killmonday

Hello, adventure friends!

27th August 2015 is a historical date.

Fran Bow is done! And it's about to be released to the world!

3 years ago we decided to make Fran Bow. 2 years ago we managed to raise the funds needed though crowdfunding. 1 year ago we thought we would have been done, and now here we are. 27th August, 2015 is the date Fran Bow is released!

The last year was a struggle, but we managed to overcome every obstacle and deliver a huge game with a world of its own, filled with awesome and different characters and a lot of adventuring!
We released a new demo that you can try out here on Steam, and now we are working these last days with mainly trying to get the game out there more, so you can still help us by reminding your favorite youtuber about Fran Bow, mentioning it to press or just telling everyone! This helps us a lot! <3

We also made a new video with Killmonday Games, directed and produced by the delusional and mad Mr. Red, the puppet.

We are super excited and thankful!

Have a great time!
Best whishes
Natalia and Isak.

August 17, 2015 - Killmonday

Hello super friends!

We just wanted to share with you the Fran Bow demo! We just released it on Steam and it's ready to go!
I hope you can give it a try and please share if you think it's worth it! <3 All help is super appreciated!
Fran Bow DEMO

Have a lovely time!
Natalia and Isak

August 2, 2015 - Killmonday


Now that the final beta is having it's last run and we are working on getting the last translations done just right, we also have more time to give more news!

Did you know the game is set to release the 27th august? And for that, all your help in spreading the news is much appreciated!

We have a store page hub now and a community hub , so join that so we can all conspire with theories and madness when the release is upon us.

And for the demo part, we thought of releasing it during release day but why wait? As mentioned in the comments before, releasing it earlier is actually better so you can have a feel for it. Thank you Dahkteromar for that \o/

We hope to have it done before August 15th atleast. Can't wait to show you!

Best regards from the entire Killmonday Games team;
Natalia and Isak

July 28, 2015 - Killmonday

Hello, dear friends! <3

It has been 2 years since we did the crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo and 3 years since we started creating Fran Bow and now we can proudly say that with your amazing help :

Fran Bow is coming out for PC (Win/Mac/Linux via Steam and GOG)
on AUGUST 27, 2015
We'll also release the official demo on the same day.

If you are interested in helping us a little bit more, reaching out in this period of promoting the game, you can help by sending recommendations about Fran Bow to your friends, favorite Let's Play YouTuber or web magazine. We will need the help of everyone who likes the game to reach out, we can only do so much by the two of us!

We can't thank you enough, for us this really was a life changing experience!
Thank you and we hope you like Fran Bow.

Here is our new very cool website too! []

/Many hugs <3
Natalia and Isak

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