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Wing Rage
Wing Rage Frequently Asked Questions
August 21, 2013 - Apriori Digital

Hello again!

Here are some of the questions that might be asked about Wing Rage, so it made sense to put them into one big post (which will be updated for new questions as they come).

  • ...Wing Rage? What's that? Wing Rage is a 3D ship shooter - influenced by games like Ikaruga and Rogue Squadron - set inside several hollow spheres. A sphere always has a sun in the middle and capturable cities at key points around it. While those elements are fixed the rest of the content is generated procedurally, so that the rest of the arena is a new challenge every time.

  • Didn't you put this on Greenlight before? What's changed? We've relaunched Wing Rage on Greenlight, taking everyone's feedback on board to make the game less visually confusing. We've made the style chosen more consistent - man-made structures in neon inside semi-realistic environments. We added expanded the overall world size by three times - though that can be reduced, if desired - and added conduits along the river beds for boosted travel speed. Along with all that the capturable buildings in the video can be destroyed (and set to regenerate) during gameplay, adding to the game overall.

  • The video is a little blurry, even at HD? We know. The captures we took were in HD, but the compression made the final videos a little rough around the edges. Soon we'll put up a link to some of them so you can see for yourself.

  • Platforms? We intend to look into Mac and/or Linux, but right now we're focused on just getting the game out on PC.

  • How can I control it? You can play the game via mouse + keyboard, or with a controller. Also, you can use upto four controllers for local splitscreen if you'd like to.

  • What are the games specs? At the moment that's to be determined.

  • English only? For the moment, but we do plan to look into localisation for other countries in the future.

  • Release date? Right now we're shooting for 2013, and the amount of progress we've made would mean some time in October. Of course, problems can crop up and interfere with development time, so October should be seen as a tentative release period.

  • Are the sounds and soundtrack final? No, right now a majority of the audio is placeholder.

  • Is it complete? Not quite. While we're close to completing the game it isn't finished; approximately 80/85% of the game is complete. Right now we're setting up a Kickstarter to generate a small amount of funds to complete the last few little bits. It's mostly a case of tying everything together and polishing what needs to be polished.

Thank you for visiting!