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Fancy Skulls
Fancy Skulls is Greenlit
11 de junho de 2014 - tequibo

It will release soon in Early Access.
Just a reminder - if you've bought it anywhere you will get steam key when it's released.
Thank you!

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Shagwell 16/jun/2014 às 9:30 
JTRettore AEDA 14/jun/2014 às 11:06 
Cuerito 13/jun/2014 às 7:52 
Subspace Suitcase 12/jun/2014 às 17:43 
Awesome, this game deserves it :)
Hanehiko 11/jun/2014 às 21:14 
steev 11/jun/2014 às 19:01 
SpArKy 11/jun/2014 às 18:09 
Simple and to the point, none of this bundle/other website steam key debacle that alot of other devs have been getting heat for. I really enjoyed your game, and I hope to enjoy it even more on steam ! Congrats
Potat'Hollow Quality 11/jun/2014 às 17:58 
Yeah I'm very happy for you ! You deserve it !