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Keipr Online
April 4, 2014 - Goon Studios

Hi guys, we are happy to announce that Keipr is back in development! Stay tuned for updates on steam and our website.

February 17, 2014 - Goon Studios

We want to thank all of the fans who have supported Goon Studios and our project, Keipr Online, on Steam Greenlight and elsewhere. Due to development team changes we no longer have the proper team to develop a game that meets our standard and expectation. We struggled with putting the game on hold, but it’s clear to us that we need the proper team to complete the project accordingly so we can delivery a beautiful and memorable experience.

At the moment we are currently developing a game for PC, mobile and console. Follow us on twitter and Facebook to get the latest news on Goon Studios.

Thank you
Goon Studios.

December 3, 2013 - Goon Studios

There are many great games with a cell shaded look. From Zelda Windwaker to Team Fortress 2, and we are also going with a cell shaded look for Keipr Online. When we published our Making of 3D Creature video, some of you wanted to know more about the shader.

One of our artist, Leo Ogawa Lillrank, put together this shader guide displaying the method he’s using to achieve the cell shaded look. Be sure to check the first shader test in unity 3D using the guide. We are still improving our shader and will post more information as we go along

Visit our blog[] for more news on Keipr Online.

October 16, 2013 - Goon Studios

Keipr Online - Mount Making of video created by one of our artist, Polygon Samurai. Our artist notices there were people asking on how to make 3D models look 2D. This video is created to show the process in creating that style of art utilizing zbrush, 3d coat, photoshop and maya. Hope this video helps! Let us know what you guys think and comment below.

October 9, 2013 - Goon Studios

We've shown environment and character concept art for Keipr Online so far. Now we can finally share how the concept translates to 3D in this first Shader Test in unity 3D video. Let us know what you guys think by leaving a comment below.

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