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Finding Teddy
Finding Teddy now officially released !!!
10 de outubro de 2013 - Plug In Digital

Hi guys,
We are glad to announced you Finding Teddy is now available on lot of Digital shops like Desura, Gamersgate, Gamefly etc..
We are still in top 100 on Steam Greenlight so please continue to support us and maybe we will be able to come on Steam soon.
thanks for your support!

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5 comentário(s)
浪漫堂 10/nov/2013 às 8:01 
I do enjoy the gamewhich I bought from Groupees! When the game comes on Steam, I will absolutely buy one more time, and gift it to my friend!!

Best wishes to you, Plug In Digital.
amok 21/out/2013 às 4:45 
still waiting for your reply on the demo...
ais_bn 12/out/2013 às 20:26 
Best of luck to you guys!
Conversationalist 12/out/2013 às 17:50 
Exciting! I hope that, when this gets released on Steam, I will buy it, and eventually review it for my school's paper.
Lucky Thirteen 12/out/2013 às 0:28 
Yay, awesome! I wish you the best luck :tbpwink: