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Eden Star: Pre-alpha
January 30, 2015 - Flix Interactive

Welcome Pioneers,

We are live and ready to download via Steam!

Also all the people who already bought the game through our Humble Widget will receive Steam Keys in the coming days.

We've had some amazing feedback off our Humble backers so far. We can only thank you for your patience and support over the last year. It really has been humbling, pun very much intended, to hear all your feedback and we are taking it all in board as we look to the future of Eden Star.

If you wish to purchase the game go to our store page on steam here:

Click HERE to Buy Eden Star via our Steam Store Page

You can read more information about our Early Access plans and builds here:

Click HERE to see our Steam Community Discussions

Also if you want to keep up to date with our road map for the future, you can head on over to our Trello board to see ,and talk about, all the shiny features coming in the future here:

Click HERE to view the Eden Star Public Trello Board[]

NOTE: There is NO save system in v.0.0.1

We've also released our launch trailer, if you missed it, or perhaps just fancy a cheeky second watch. You can watch it here:

Click HERE to see the Eden Star - Early Access Launch Trailer

Our focus will now be firmly set on making the game as brilliant as possible, realising the full design, and taking on board all of the communities input and feedback throughout the entirety of the Early Access process.

So, with the build now ready, we hope you enjoy it, albeit in an early state! Now it would seem there is only one question Pioneer. How long can you survive on Pharus 7?

You can now join the discussion on Steam by following the below links. Thank you for your support!

January 23, 2015 - Flix Interactive

Welcome Pioneers (The faithful amazing people that you are!),

Today we are delighted to announce our target release date for the Eden Star Pre-Alpha build v0.0.1.

On Friday January 30th the build will be uploaded to Steam.

To all of you that have supported us to date via Humble; the purchase widget on the Eden Star website has been temporarily removed from the site and we have an email going out to you early next week (we just need to update a few item descriptions this weekend, then compile, test and upload the build to Humble!) informing you that you will now have exclusive access to the build prior to the 30th.

In addition, we will also be sending our early backers an “Art of Eden Star v0.1″ PDF book to download as a small thank you for being the first to believe in the project, this will also be distributed via Humble.

The team at the Flix have been hard at work these past few weeks, fixing issues, polishing the basic level and stomping on those pesky bugs.

So, a massive thanks for your time, support and patience. Stay awesome!

If you’ve got anything you want to say about today’s post, or anything else, why not also post on the forums.

Check out the full post by clicking HERE along with a sneak peek video of the world of Pharus 7![]

Thanks again for your support and watch out this week coming for the launch trailer and details!

December 11, 2014 - Flix Interactive

Welcome Traveller...

... to another Eden Star update! Today we are delving into the weapons blueprints again, more specifically the Rifle blueprint, currently known as “The super awesome alien blaster ray” internally. As with the pistol, all slug weaponry is a design choice implemented for those who just want a good old fashioned way of slinging lead down range, but they are also a specific reminder that the matter manipulating material; Teslinium, is a finite resource, used for only a few specific tasks due to its extreme rarity and reveared value. Teslinium is marked by the Paladins as a sacred source of power and is the defining factor that helped save humanity from near extinction.

Teslinium shards are often crafted into Spire grade Mata-Tools (Remote Manipulation Devices) and earned by the highest class of Pioneers of the migration fleet providing almost god-like powers of matter manipulation. Pioneers are augmented humans, mutated in order to wield Spire grade technology and cerebral enough to project their consciousness into replicant surrogate cyborg shells. These surrogates are equipped with Mata-Tool/RMD's, used to manipulate matter and harness energy for both creative and terribly destructive means. This provides Pioneers with the ultimate power to craft and change the world around them. Teslinium is in short supply as it is primarily used to power interstellar travel. When used for such feats, it is no longer an almost perpetual energy source, but instead a finite and valuable resource with no specific origin, only found scattered throughout the universe.

Therefore, think of RMD Teslinium technology as new and in its infancy. Slug weaponry still exists, is cheap and is here to stay, but so does augmented tech... Such as Teslinium reaper clips; a Faazah Corp, blueprint and also Kinetic seeker rounds by Aeon Systems...

All of these are Lore based additions that the team want to add as development progresses...

So, back to the gunz!

As with our other physical weapon Blueprints, the grand vision for Rifles is a level of customisation delivered by crafting different component Blueprint parts. Please note: in the first early access release of the game, the modular weapon crafting feature WILL NOT YET BE AVAILABLE but you will definitely be able to craft the rifle as a single/whole item. Customisation and modularity comes later!

Throughout the design process we went through many iterations for the modular rifle blueprint system aesthetic. Each component’s size, colour and shape would need to feel unique yet act like a modular part to fit with components from a different blueprint. Each part would also need to be balanced, considering mechanics such as rate of fire, reticle design, spread, zoom or sight enhancement and the amount and type of damage it can do. The first version of the compiled Rifle that you see in the video, and available to craft in the early access release as a single item, is the compiled Aeon Systems Stock (inc. Grip), Top Rail, Firing System (Energy/Ammo Source) and Barrel.

To read the full post including a preview if the Rifle in action

More updates to follow!

December 9, 2014 - Flix Interactive

Evening all,

In today’s blog we will be introducing you to mining in Eden Star.

We begin with the flora (grass and plants) of Pharus 07, which is a rich source of energy for the RMD, a Remote Manipulation Device, designed to harness the planet’s natural resources and establish a base on this hostile world. Flora based energy is used to directly power the RMD’s kinetic abilities; blast, grab and smash – essential tools against the alien hostiles when you run out of pistol ammo.

Additionally, larger elements within the world, such as trees and certain rocks, contain rare materials essential in the creation of defensive and offensive structures, weapons and RMD upgrades. Your aim is simple, develop your base, expanding your territory and when the long night comes, defend it.

‘Mining’ and ‘resource gathering’ is a vital aspect of Eden Star. Using the Construction and Upgrade Menus to find the requirements of your desired item, you must then explore the world in search the minerals needed to create your shiny new toy. Mining often can be a laborious task and in Eden Star we wanted it to be more than that, we wanted to make it as fun as possible. For us that meant pushing the boundaries of Unreal Engine 4, PhysX and Apex to new limits so that we could create bespoke destruction systems, empowering you to feel in control whilst destroying the world around you.

We have worked hard on the development of procedural physics tree destruction, allowing the player to mine from top to bottom, bottom to top, take just the energy-rich leaves and branches or leave nothing but a stump. A tree will rarely fall the same way twice. Of course you may feel the fun will diminish once you completely strip the land of everything useful. This is why we also developed a regrowth system, a by-product of Pharus’ ability to heal itself, allowing the environment to regenerate after a time and players to destroy to their heart’s content.

To read the full post on our site, including a short video of mining in-game

More updates to follow!

If you’ve got anything you want to say about today’s post, or anything else, why not post on:

Eden Star Homepage[]
Indie DB

November 14, 2014 - Flix Interactive

Greeting Traveller,

Today we thought we would give you a sneaky wee glimpse of the world of Pharus 07. Until now you may have seen snapshots, this video however shows the hostile planet at its most benign. Our verdant paradise provides ample opportunity for players to harness the organic environment, gathering minerals in order to bolster your defences in preparation of the belligerent dusk. At sunset the tranquil day gives way to the terror stricken darkness, the indigenous and injurious creatures of Pharus, drawn to the powerful energy of your Eden Kit will attempt to swarm your deferences, laying siege to your base and ridding the planet of your alien threat.

For later releases of the game we are working on making the air itself corrosive on the planets surface. During the day sunlight will alleviate the deadly effects of the atmosphere, Meaning resource rich caves becoming a tempting but potentially fatal foray into darkness. The deep shade of the forests will be an intimidating prospect, forcing players to improvise, blasting and shooting out the canopy to feel the reassuring warmth a distant unearthly sun and providing respite from the toxic atmosphere.

In Eden Star surviving the night requires a conglomeration of injunuity, preparedness and skill. Hunkering down and waiting for the dawn is simply not an option here, on Pharus 07 the night is most deadly before the dawn. Each day on Pharus is a reward, not a given.

To view the video related to this post please follow this link directly to our site

Thanks for your support, and please feel free to submit any questions, feedback, or ideas on our forums![]

You can also follow us on:

Eden Star Homepage[]
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