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New project on Greenlight
May 29 - InvertMouse

Hello everyone. As I've alluded to earlier, I have a new game project in the works. The game, titled Bermuda, is now on Steam Greenlight. I hope you could consider supporting it:

I know those who follow these announcements are my kind supporters, so thank you heaps for backing me up m(_ _)m.

This is still Unhack's page, so that's all I'll say here. Please click the link to find out more. Thank you again, and I'll see you on the other side.

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InvertMouse May 29 @ 6:38pm 
@Qyo7: A Linux should be possible and I will do my best with it. I just want to make sure I actually do the necessary testing before I make any claims =)!
Qyo7 May 29 @ 6:24pm 
No Linux version??
♔.sir.lunchalot.♔ May 29 @ 6:09pm 
of course you have
InvertMouse May 29 @ 5:45pm 
@sir.lunchalot: Thank you =)! Hope to have your support~
♔.sir.lunchalot.♔ May 29 @ 5:39pm 
looks nice
InvertMouse May 29 @ 5:05pm 
@TJF588: Thank you m(_ _)m~
TJF588 May 29 @ 4:56pm 
Upped, followed, & faved.
InvertMouse May 29 @ 4:05pm 
@Cris: Thank you m(_ _)m!
Cris May 29 @ 4:00pm 
Nice to hear news about a new project :D
Good luck, here goes my upvote.