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Chroma Squad
8 aprilie - Saulo Camarotti

Hi everyone!


If you're an Early Access backer (US$ 25+ tier), the beta DEMO is available now for you on Steam!

1 - Go to
2 - Enter your e-mail and you'll receive and email from Humble Store with your keys, and one of them is the key for Chroma Squad on Steam.

GO get it NOW!

1 aprilie - Saulo Camarotti

Hey everyone,

We're very excited to show you our new Chroma Squad Forum! This will be the place where we exchange tips, ideas, talk about tokusatsu, and of course, make us the developers improve the game concept and the beta version.

Go forth and make some noise!

-- Public and Private

There are two categories, one public opened for everyone, and one private, for whom that contributed to the early-access pledge of our kickstarter or humble store campaign. The main difference is that the private backers will discuss about the beta, patches, bug fixes, and some other stuff. But everything else should be posted opened for everyone to discuss at the public forum!

-- Pre-registered

All early-access backers have already been registered with the username you answered back in the Kickstarter survey. But if you need to change your email or your username, go to settings, and make that happen.

28 februarie - lprunk

What good is a Sentai team without neat acrobatics? Today we have the Scout role on the Spotlight!

The Scout is the agile acrobat in the team, a daredevil warrior that brings movement and grace to the fight. The Scout role specializes in moving around the environment, whether by moving through enemies, becoming invisible to them, or simply by outrunning every other character in the game. This role is at its best when it can make a cool jump, land in the middle of a bunch of enemies, attack and stun all of them at once, and them jump back to safety before they're able to recover.

Let's take a look at some of the skils available:

Shockwave - stun a group of enemies at a distance!

Swift Dagger - attack without ending your turn!

Stunning Pose - stun enemies by sheer awesomeness!

Invisible - outsmart your enemies so they can't find you!


You've asked for it, and we love you too much not to deliver. Here are some Chroma Squad wallpapers for your desktop and smartphone, including both the English and Japanese versions of the logo! Thank you very much for your support and for being as excited about this game as we are :)

Download wallpapers now!

Coming up next: the Techie!

21 februarie - lprunk


We have breaking news to report: our city was just attacked by a giant plant monster! These are very disturbing images, but thanks to Chroma Squad's giant Mecha our city was saved. No one was harmed during the attack.

Early reports from the City Hall estimate that the battle will cost the city more than B$25 billion in repairs. Thank you, sentai heroes, for destroying the city to save the city since 1979!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Pre-order Chroma Squad now:

19 februarie - lprunk

In every team, sentai or not, we need the tougher ones to be able to survive. The Assault role is on the Spotlight!

There is always a karate master, tough boxer or even an advanced alien weaponry expert on the team. Assault brings the strength to the strategy. This role is responsible to make the greater damage, exploding things and using a gigantic axe. You know that everyone makes some damage in a sentai team, there is no discrimination on who can or cannot beat the mud man, but in this game, this is this role specialty.

Take a look in some of the skills:

Rage - warming up to battle!

Charge - against your foes!

Throw - reposition enemies as you like.

Housekick - and, finally, take everyone to the ground!

Next up: Scout!

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