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Chroma Squad
21 Şubat - lprunk


We have breaking news to report: our city was just attacked by a giant plant monster! These are very disturbing images, but thanks to Chroma Squad's giant Mecha our city was saved. No one was harmed during the attack.

Early reports from the City Hall estimate that the battle will cost the city more than B$25 billion in repairs. Thank you, sentai heroes, for destroying the city to save the city since 1979!

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming.

Pre-order Chroma Squad now: www.chromasquad.com

19 Şubat - lprunk

In every team, sentai or not, we need the tougher ones to be able to survive. The Assault role is on the Spotlight!

There is always a karate master, tough boxer or even an advanced alien weaponry expert on the team. Assault brings the strength to the strategy. This role is responsible to make the greater damage, exploding things and using a gigantic axe. You know that everyone makes some damage in a sentai team, there is no discrimination on who can or cannot beat the mud man, but in this game, this is this role specialty.

Take a look in some of the skills:

Rage - warming up to battle!

Charge - against your foes!

Throw - reposition enemies as you like.

Housekick - and, finally, take everyone to the ground!

Next up: Scout!

13 Şubat - lprunk

Hey everyone!

It's been one month since our last update. We're getting to a place where most of the features in the game are final, and now we get to share this with you. We're here today to talk about Roles.

Since our goal is to each of the sentai characters to contribute to the team with some individuality and personality, we have created this thing called Roles. We have 5 known roles, and some other secret ones. The Lead, Scout, Assault, Techie and Assist are the starting pack.

Every one of those is capable of handling the monsters by himself, but we know that you wont miss the fun of combining those powers and exploding the alien enemies!

The Lead is an essencial role in the team. There is no team, if the leadership is somewhat jeopardised. They usually wear red clothes, but you know that in our game you get to choose the suit colors. The Lead has skills to support his leadership role, like the ones below.

Shout of Courage - Improve allies` willpower!

Taunt - Make your enemies lose their concentration.

Lasso - Inspired by the classics, use a rope to get your enemies closer to you.

Joinup - All allies next to you enter the Teamwork stance!

Next up: Assault Role!

Akemashite omedetou!
Hey everyone, happy new year!

We're so happy to enter 2014 with this awesome project in our hands. Chroma Squad is so filled with fun, joy, nostalgia and adventure, and that makes us excited to come to work every day. We are really hoping that this joy will be transmitted to you through our game as well.

The first thing we would like to say is that we don't have a release date yet, but we're working really hard to get everything ready soon™. We have increased our team, again, to keep us aligned with our milestones and to achieve the quality you all deserve.

In this first week of 2014 we have everyone dedicated to defining the scope of the first beta release. Once this is done, we’ll get to work on this stable version that you're all so anxious about.

Everyone that pledged for the Early Access will get a PC/Mac/Linux demo, and for everyone else we'll release an awesome walkthrough video, showing the features we have developed for you all. So, everyone will get a bit of it! =D

The most exciting thing we have to tell you is about a new awesome feature that we're creating. We don't want our tactical battle to be generic or somewhat unexciting, so, we have this Teamwork idea that you'll love!

Teamwork is a feature of our tactical battle that will increase movement and interaction between your squad members. Every turn, as a standard action, your hero may enter a Teamwork Pose and with it become a beacon to the squad. This beacon can be activated by other squad members, triggering acrobatic jumps between the two characters, simultaneous attacks or even trigger the finishing move with everyone on your squad!

It's beautiful! You should be seeing this pretty soon™ on your beta version!
Have a great year with lots of indie games for your enjoyment!

Kind regards,
Behold team.

23 Ekim, 2013 - Behold Studios

Hey everyone!

We've just released our gameplay video submitted to the IGF 2014 contest.
We really hope you'll like it.

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