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Chroma Squad
23 octobre 2013 - Behold Studios

Hey everyone!

We've just released our gameplay video submitted to the IGF 2014 contest.
We really hope you'll like it.

13 octobre 2013 - Behold Studios

There you go! Some screenshots of the new and improved UI. You can expect this for the first BETA release, coming soon.

Thanks for all your support! :D

11 septembre 2013 - Behold Studios

For anyone that missed our Kickstarter campaign, there are 3 options available for pre-ordering the game. We've set up some of the tiers that we had on our project, the only difference is that the "Exclusive Backer's In-game Features" are not available anymore.

Go tell your friends about it! We can do a lot more to our game with your help.


6 septembre 2013 - Behold Studios

Thanks everyone for this amazing achievement! Now, we can say for sure that everyone that got a digital copy of the game on our Kickstarter campaign will get a STEAM Key as well the DRM-Free download. That makes us pretty excited!

So, let's get back to work, and make this awesome game!

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