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Will To Survive
Kickstarter Final Week!
23 августа 2013 - Liquidoodle

The Will to Survive Kickstarter campaign is now in the final week of funding. So far we've managed to raise just over 3 thousand but there is still a way to go before it gets fully funded.

Any help you can give by sharing the campaign or pledging towards it will be massively appreciated and will go towards developing the game into something fantastic.

Will to Survive Kickstarter Campaign Here


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Liquidoodle 6 сен. 2013 в 12:54 
Hey VidGgeek(rus)... by the way what is your real name? It may well be later than planned, it depends how it goes on future funding attempts really. There will definitely be updates and extra content once it is out and alpha funding is always a possibility. Cheers!
VidGgeek(rus) 29 авг. 2013 в 2:23 
Hey Alex. It's kinda lame to see that your project didn't really get funded. I guess that also means that you'll release Will To Survive later than you originally planned, but I guess nobody will complain if it's good. And as for some extra features, I guess you can always add them via updates or as DLC if you feel like it. Once again, good luck with your work!
☢♠ M.A.D ♠☢ 28 авг. 2013 в 2:19 
I hope this game come fast :) Good luck
Liquidoodle 26 авг. 2013 в 9:14 
Cheers dude! Much appreciated :D
Wolfborn8 24 авг. 2013 в 6:43 
I just spread the message around as best as I could... best of luck!