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Runes of Brennos (Released on Steam Early Acces)
Big thanks!
August 22, 2013 - LuGus Studios

Wow the last couple of weeks have been amazing! We got a lot of votes and got a lot of great comments and feedback from players and fans (we read them all!). It's helping us to improve the game and turn Runes into something unique and exciting to play, thanks!

We also got a lot of interesting questions. I'll try to answer some of them:

- What type of game is Runes?
We have a hard time putting Runes in a traditional game-category, it has elements of different types of games. The best "fan" description we found for Runes was: "Magic dueller". Add "turn based", "strategy" and "action" to the mix and you have something that described Runes.
Let us know how you think Runes should be categorised on Steam.

- How much will the game cost?
The early version of Runes that's for sale on Leap Motions Airspace costs $4,99, we think that's a fair price. It's definitely not a big game but still worth a couple of hours of gameplay for singleplayer alone, I'm sure you spend some time in the multiplayer too! While the price for the Steam version has not been decided, we will never ask more than the game is worth paying for. Let us know what you think!

- Is the game fun to play without a Leap motion?
Absolutely! While Leap Motion adds to the immersion of the game, playing with a mouse or drawing tablet is more fast-pased and a lot of fun too.

- Does Runes have a story?
While Runes is not a story-driven game, there's still a lot of stuff do do for people who like "stories" in games. Runes has a strong background story/lore. You'll unlock and discover parts of this "Historia" by winning battles in the campaign. For example, you'll find out why druid use magic runes and you'll get some hints about the history of every arena you fight in. There's also a lot of hidden stuff to discover for people who like to explore every little detail of the game.

- Do we just spam some particle effects?
We wouldn't call Runes a game if that was the case. While the game is all about magic duels, battle-tactics get very deep after a while. We introduce all aspects of the game in steps (during the campaign) and the gameplay is constantly evolving. There are a lot of cool tactics, runes and combos to discover and use in battle. We are excited to see how creative people are, multiplayer matches are going to be very interesting! :)

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Salt Shaker Aug 22, 2013 @ 4:07am