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Organic Panic
May 13, 2014 - Last Limb Games

Organic Panic Early Access - Big Launch Tomorrow!

Organic Panic Early Access Page

We're doing a early bird early access discount!

May 6, 2014 - Last Limb Games

Organic Panic is going to be live on the Steam Store page (Early Access) on May 14th!!!

Organic Panic Steam Store Page

After working on Organic Panic for 6 years, we're finally at the point of actually being able to share our game with everyone - just so happy to be able to bring it out into the world finally....May 14th you can join the fun, build levels, share them, rate them and play Organic Panic to your fingers are blue.

May 6, 2014 - Last Limb Games

We went to PAX East and had our first booth ever for Organic Panic, the reception we got was just incredible, the booth was none stop packed for 3 days, just amazing to watch, we had lines leading out of our booth into the main walkway! the reception the game got was just more than we could have hoped for, to be honest it was a little humbling!

Check out our blog for a ton more pictures []

March 24, 2014 - Last Limb Games

Update - Early Access

So we've been even more busy than normal recently as we are preparing to get Organic Panic onto Steam early access, Brad came over for a week from Seattle to work closely with Damon and really nail the Steam server side code. We are provisionally aiming to get a build for internal testing up in the next week or so. Then we want to bring a early early access build to our Kickstarter beta backers by the end of the month (provisionally!), so Beta Backers will be able to play, make levels and generally be involved in our early bug testing. Then we plan to release a couple of weeks later to full early access on Steam! - well that's the rough plan, we can't guarantee because every step seems very variable in how long it will take, but we are really close now.

I have a fully working version on my laptop, not that I've had any time to play it, but everything works really nice and the major bugs have mostly been fixed - it looks awesome, and runs fast, the water is especially fast, with the whole screen filled with liquids all going at a decent fps rate (on my machine 40-70 fps - this is before major optimization!)

PAX East

Some really big news - we've just got a booth for PAX East! - so everything is on now, we want to get up on early access before this show, and we have a ton of preparations to do for it, and we'll be working closely with our publishers Midnight City, to prep PR for the event.

We hope to see you there, come and play the game and maybe collect some bag-ware!


Brett our fellow englishman music producer has been busy too making some 'wicked' tunes - for the different themes in Organic Panic.

Ice Mountain, Underground, Beach, The Lab, The finale Space Theme -
(I don't know how to post music tracks here, so i've linked to our Kickstarter update page, halfway down you'll find the music tracks...)
Kickstarter Update page

Cover Art

We've been really busy making new artwork for Organic Panic, promotional material, posters, Tee's steam assets etc - Thanks to Chris and Brad for helping make all this awesome artwork - below is just a sample of a few pieces (still in process) -

Carrot Action shot development -

Cherry Action shot development -

Coconut Action shot development -

Kiwi Action shot development -

Cover Action shot development -

Which is your Favorite? (bear in mind they are in different stages of development

February 19, 2014 - Last Limb Games

Update -

Firstly let me apologies for the delay to this update, we have not stopped working and have been totally focused on getting Organic Panic ported, we have come a long way in the past month or so.
I've had to re-export around 350 animations for all the characters, which also gave me a chance to go over the animations and clean them up some more. Damon had to re-implement the character animation code, for a new exporter module (Open Collada). I've also updated the Cheese Wedge character, who was a little character-less, now he's a Cheese Wedge Bandit! - you can see some of his animations below.

Alpha -

The major last hurdle - characters, has been implemented. All characters are now in and animations are working, there are still a few bugs but it's great to see characters running, jumping and flying around.
Damon has been putting in all assets and most of the backgrounds are now working, with parallax and animations. Most of the new textures and the normal maps are now in and working. And many of the new music tracks are in.
Also Damon and Bradley have been working hard on getting the Steam server tech working and implemented, so when the beta is up players can save and share their creations via the Steam servers.

So at this stage with all features in and working, content is mostly complete, we think it's safe to call this our first Alpha version of Organic Panic (that will be on Steam!) - don't get me wrong there are many bugs, but most of the bugs are related to translating the code, and we now have a working functional game.

Beta -

We're aiming to reach Beta by the end of the month and will be showing (with fingers crossed) a Beta PC build on the 25th of this month at the NYC Games Forum, which if your in the area we would welcome you to come and play (test) Organic Panic for yourselves, (and give your feedback)

Then soon after, assuming no major bugs we'll be posting our first Beta build of Organic Panic on steam!!!

One becomes many -

We have developed Organic Panic over the past 5.5 years on a dwindling set of old Xbox development kits, each one overheating and dying, and after performing cpr a few months later permanently dying, last summer we were down to our last 2, only one of which was a full debug kit, This started to die just as we were porting and we were down to one Xbox (that wasn't a debug kit) - at that stage it meant building levels on the Xbox kit we were developing on. -where am I going with all this? basically I am so excited personally to see our game on more than one device! I am really looking forward to playing Organic Panic on my laptop, you know in a coffee shop rather than in a cold room (we had to work at 65' throughout winters to stop the Xbox's overheating) and more importantly getting it out into the world, which is so near now it's hard believe.

Comic -

The Comic is 100% complete, fantastic job Brad it looks really awesome! - I won't post any more pictures here as I don't want to give the story away early, but it's ready to be printed and sent out!

Background Artwork -

Completed Underground Artwork...

Part of the adventure takes our hero's into Apple's drugged mind, it's called Psychedelic Brain!

Capture Footage -

First Look Alpha PC Open GL game footage - (a little rough around the edges but it's all in there now)

New 'Bandit' Cheese Wedge -

Cheese Wedge has had a make over, he's now cast as a Bandit, this is his level 1 persona, we have some cool concepts for 2nd level Wedge's, which will be full gun slinging Cowboys.
(Music from the Beach theme song - courtesy of Brett our Music Maestro)

Thanks everyone for being patient, we are very nearly there now and we're really excited to be able to finally get it out to you all....Soon!

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