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Arson and Plunder
October 15, 2013 - NinjaFeverTeam

As promised, we reveal today a new and very special enemy. It's a special one because he will change the way you play the game when he's on the fight. Do you want to know why?


Archers will play a key role in the game, as they will attack you from the distance. You may think that we have a ranged enemy yet: wizards. BUT, archers have an extra feature: they will try to run away when you get close to them, so it will be difficult to defeat them just by using Plunder's axe. Of course, you can use Arson's fireworks skills to hit them from the distance.

We think that archers will add an extra touch to those epic battles. Just imagine two archers sending you a rain of arrows (a la Red Wedding!), while a Spike soldier approaches you and you are still fighting four Elite soldiers!

Do you want all these new enemies (more to come!) and many other new gameplay on Arson & Plunder? Give us an upvote and we will do all of these things come true... including coop multiplayer!

Remember that you can get the game now[] and receive a Steam key once the game is greenlit.

October 7, 2013 - NinjaFeverTeam

This week, we add a new enemy for the castle levels. As every reign, Froiland also has its special elite guard, selected from the best of each breed. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the...


As you all can see, this soldier is an evolution of the standard and less powerful soldier. Elite soldiers are difficult to defeat, as they have been trained to protect the castle and the Reign by all means. They are the last hope of humans to protect their castle against... you!

On the next enemy update, we will show you another brand new character that will highly influence the way you play the game, opening new strategies to your battles against those evil humans.

In the mean time... what kind of enemy would you love to see in Arson & Plunder? Let us know!

Remember that you can get the game now[] and receive a Steam key once the game is greenlit.

September 30, 2013 - NinjaFeverTeam

We are working hard to bring you new enemies with different powers, attacks and behaviours. In this series of posts, we will do a first look into the new characters. We hope you will like them, as we want to improve the game adding extra variety and new styles of gameplay.


The Spike soldier is a powerful character. His main strength is his spiked shield. You will find this enemy hard to beat, as he uses the shield both as a weapon and as a protection against your attacks. You should be patient and hold your attacks until he is vulnerable. Also, remember to keep not so close to him, as he will attack you using his spiked shield. Oh, and he's just a new type of soldier... more to come!

Remember that you can get the game now[] and receive a Steam key once the game is greenlit.

August 2, 2013 - Headup Games

Hi guys, NinjaFever made the soundtrack available for your hearing pleasure.
Go check it out @

July 25, 2013 - Headup Games

We have verified that Mac and Linux ports can be done and will be created once the game has been greenlit.

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