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The march continues!
10. joulukuu, 2013 - WhiteMoon Dreams

We're making awesome progress! Check out our latest Backer Video!

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9 kommenttia
Muramasamune 20. 2., 2014 23.02 
I could see some elements of the interface, not look bad, I do not denigrate the license, but I'm afraid about the gameplay, however, we'll see what it will give, but I will test the game demo before I decide to buy ...
radegast6 27. 12., 2013 17.34 
I cant wait for this game to come out! at last i can play all factions without buying all those minatures!
Spider3 18. 12., 2013 12.32 
awwww! I'm so glad I backed this game :D can't wait for it!
inubis 16. 12., 2013 17.21 
Can't wait!
Giangi7723 13. 12., 2013 5.53 
non vedo l'ora che esca !!
Ozu (Lin) 10. 12., 2013 23.01 
Cool! =) It was nice to see a number of units and environments. Thank you for video and progres!
Mornblade 10. 12., 2013 21.25 
I've spectated the tabletop-miniature form of this game at my local gaming stores. I've always been playing other games, but I'm really interested in learning more about this game through the digital format. Thanks for the video as well.
Papa Ganoush 10. 12., 2013 21.02 
Hope it's good. Take your time devs
Jubi 10. 12., 2013 13.45 
Another step closer...