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Backer Update Number 02!!
2013. október 29. - WhiteMoon Dreams

We're making awesome progress! Check it out here!

8 megjegyzés
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I expect a lot from this game, hope that the expectations will not be disappointing
MisterGreen jan. 3. @ du. 9:10 
love the table top game and now get to play on the go sweet! and will hordes be added or maybe another game =]
O'Zuruso 2013. dec. 9. @ du. 11:54 
Looking forward for any news... O:)
O'Zuruso 2013. nov. 9. @ du. 1:03 
Update is always welcome! =)
Tankard95 2013. okt. 31. @ de. 4:43 
Warmachine = The Dawn of War i always wanted :P So take your time! :D
{Ez0}Mash 2013. okt. 30. @ du. 3:53 
cant wait for this game to make a full apperance. Looks and sounds Exciting to have a table style game come to life.
GreenHat 2013. okt. 30. @ du. 1:04 
I am so excited!!!!!!
ℳσσƙiҽ Mookie 2013. okt. 29. @ du. 9:42