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Dev Diary 2: Multiplayer!
4. elokuu, 2013 - WhiteMoon Dreams

Our designers talk about what's going on for the multiplayer side of WARMACHINE: Tactics!
Check it out!

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7 kommenttia
Rainstone 3. syys, 2013 11.56 
I am going to build a time machine, go into the future with a usb stick and buy this game. Then come back in time and play it.
sanda247 18. elo, 2013 14.14 
Can't wait! Love that this was double funded!
XD.Mda♛ ♛ ♛ 11. elo, 2013 6.43 
BNTYHNTR98 5. elo, 2013 4.56 
my only thoughts are " I DONT WANT TO WAIT A YEAR !!!!! "
Flinch 4. elo, 2013 22.24 
Hyoh 4. elo, 2013 13.09 
Nice going
Raine 4. elo, 2013 10.42 
Very cool. I do hope that the stretch goal for spectator and replay mode is reached. That was be totally awesome.