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7 Days to Die - Zombie Survival Game
Stretch Goal 5 reached with 11 hours left on Kickstarter!
2013. augusztus 14. - The Fun Pimp

Damn Survivalist you guys just won’t quit we’re stretching the shit out of this!

We reached our 5th stretch goal tonight on Kickstarter topping 450k! Folks there are less than 11 hours left and we’ve got one last stretch goal left come on guys we can do it!

Check it out now funk soul brother
The Fun Pimps

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99 megjegyzés
MasonMyers69 [NOED USER] 2013. okt. 23., 10:54 
How long must it take!!!! :(
Helvius (Coco) 2013. okt. 16., 19:52 
Cant wait to buy this game!
PUNX 2013. okt. 9., 15:44 
i learned about the game today and have aready wathed 2 hours of youtube just baced on this game its going to be great thank U.
P.S. i love the fatboy slim remark at the end
Redmaniak 2013. okt. 9., 13:07 
nvm saw it in one of the other comments already
Redmaniak 2013. okt. 9., 13:06 
will the game be cheaper when it hits beta or full release?
Ch1LLoO V1roOzZz 2013. szept. 29., 15:00 
I want The Game Yeaaahhh
Burnfly 2013. szept. 14., 15:41 
cmon stean give us early access beta coming out in october and alpha already out
Slaschi 2013. szept. 14., 5:32 
[TA] Princess 2013. szept. 11., 1:45 
Woody 2013. szept. 8., 10:55 
My face is in the pillow do with me what you want just let me play!