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Celestian Tales: Old North
Graphics Upgrade Progress
19 luglio 2013 - toAd

We've been receiving messages concerning our 'barebone graphics', and in our effort to answer we're on our way to revamp the combat backgrounds and environment from pixel arts to hand-drawn colors. Remember that sketch yesterday? Today it's halfway done into coloring:

Not using pixel backgrounds, in turn, lowers the workload for our dedicated pixel artist. This change gives her more time to add more animation frames to make them more fluid. Here's what she's been working on:

Starting Animation: You'll see this when you first enter a combat scene

Attack Animation: This is for a basic attack.

Other stuffs like idle stance, low HP, non-attack skill, defensive stance, and hit effect, you can peek at them yourself here[imgur.com].

What do you think about these? =D

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3 commenti
Jack Wagon 22 lug 2013, ore 11:58 
Fantastic. Looks greats
eternal_pally 21 lug 2013, ore 11:49 
Wow. Looks great.
Valkyrslayer 21 lug 2013, ore 8:29 
thoose are some lovely looking Sprites.