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Viscera Cleanup Detail
11 Ekim 2013 - DarkCarnivour

Hail noble janitors! The space stations of the galaxy now sparkle thanks to your efforts, but unfortunately there has been another messy turn of events...

We present - Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior!
Some inconsiderate soul has gone through this once pristine temple with a very sharp katana and left a trail of nasty things that need cleaning. Those bloodstains are probably never going to come out of the carpet, but a janitor has to try anyway.
VCD:SW is currently available to anyone who has already purchased Shadow Warrior.

Find out more here[www.devolverdigital.com]

Or over here on our blog[www.runestorm.com]

In the meantime, work continues on the main VCD and we should have more fun stuff soon.
As always, we appreciate your support and it's still $5 to pre-order[www.runestorm.com]

5 Eylül 2013 - DarkCarnivour


Progress has been hampered a bit by annoying stuff lately, but you can see what we've been up to over on our blog.[www.runestorm.com]

There's a bit more info on the upcoming supply machine and welding laser.

With any luck we'll have some more interesting news and updates in the not too distant future ;)

As always, you can help us out by pre-ordering on our site.[www.runestorm.com] It's currently still $5 and get's you access to the future updates.

26 Ağustos 2013 - RuneStorm


Well, it's been a while but we're back in full swing. Nolan (lead coder) is able to work again, so we're making good progress now. You can check out current full progress over here[www.runestorm.com].

Grab the v0.14 build from our site[www.runestorm.com] (choice of IndieDB or AtomicGamer)
So then, this minor update includes a few things:

  • Blood footsteps when landing after jump
  • Some improvements to physics replication
  • Key bindings
  • Lanterns and buckets are now sworn enemies
  • Landing blood footsteps
  • Blood splats taking more than one mopping (basic implementation)
  • Changed hand controls (left click uprights held object)
  • Added mess detector (sniffer)
  • Made mop secondary cause radius physics impulse
  • Lantern causes fires
  • Mopping out fires
  • Scorches from fires
  • Mopping up scorches

You can help us out by pre-ordering from our site now[www.runestorm.com]. It's still $5 for the time being, and soon free updates will cease as we move over entirely to the full build. In which case you'll need to pre-order to get further updates, or grab it when it's released :)

And lastly, we're keenly aware of the problems still present in the co-op synchronization and the punch-out machine. It seems we're going to have to go deep and rework how they function technically before they'll behave :\ But, we'll get there :)

22 Ağustos 2013 - RuneStorm


We've been very busy since being Greenlit (thanks!!), so we'll be attempting a regular progress report from here on. The first update is right here on our blog[www.runestorm.com].

You'll see what we've been busy with ;)

Oh and on a last note, we'll have another update out shortly as we polish up some things :)

8 Ağustos 2013 - RuneStorm


So, thank you everyone! :)

We'll keep working away at the game to get it done as soon as possible, and with SteamWorks, we should be able to make an easier time of multiplayer connections ;)

Cheers ya'll and once again, THANK YOU!

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