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Upcoming plans:
12 juli 2013 - RuneStorm

Thanks for the amazing reception everyone!!

Just a quick note to let ya'll know, that we're planning regular (weekly) updates, and top of that list is co-op and perhaps another form of MP down the line too. Simply not enough time in those 10 days ;)

Stay tuned!

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14 opmerkingen
RuneStorm 19 jul 2013 om 12:58vm 
Hey chaps! Work on MP takes a lot of time, so we'll get that to you when it's good enough to work :) Beyond that, next few days should see a minor content update with an extra map ;)
My friend is Hacking 18 jul 2013 om 3:27nm 
Hey whats the form of MP you're putting just one little tiny hint of what its going to be like.
SparkzHearts-chan 16 jul 2013 om 9:25nm 
Anything yet? I did some gameplay if you wanna check it out
DauntedPeak 14 jul 2013 om 8:00nm 
come on give us a hint
RuneStorm 14 jul 2013 om 4:28vm 
TrevorMcNeill 14 jul 2013 om 3:45vm 
needless to say i was quite determined lol
TrevorMcNeill 14 jul 2013 om 3:42vm 
god i wish i had read this before i downloaded the update and spent another 3.5 hours going as far as burning all of the boxes, barrels, and metal sheets i was getting so mad lol the only thing i couldnt burn was the biggest box though i tried like crazy :)
RuneStorm 14 jul 2013 om 2:49vm 
@Trevor: You can't 'beat' it yet, no. We'll be seeing what to do on the front as we go :)
TrevorMcNeill 13 jul 2013 om 11:50nm 
can you actually beat this game or does it just never end because i spent like 2 hours playing this the last half was spent looking in great length trying to see if i missed something
BigMac Condom™ 13 jul 2013 om 3:59nm 
Add more updates AND COOP :D