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Guns N Zombies
Kickstarter campaign postmortem
August 29, 2013 - krealit

Hello everyone, and thank you for your attention!

Well, we didn`t make it. Sad but true. There is a lot of certain reasons why it happened this way, and all of them are the lessons of life. But we have to keep going!

The good news is that we are going to finish the game, the bad news is that we don`t have resources to add more features that we wanted to add. Anyway Guns N Zombies project will be released as a finished game, because we will keep the quality high. Chop suey, soda, and a couple of months of hard work are waiting for us now.

Kickstarter campaign was a great challenge for us! We didn`t have anything but playable level, when we started to think about crowdfunding. Preparations to get started with campaign took about three months. We started to build the community. Facebook official page had no fans, there was no homepage or twitter account, and no one knew about this game project.
Now we have a lot of friends and fans around the world, thousands of likes and followers. Youtube reviewers made a dozen of first look and let`s play videos. Lots of great gaming resources like and featured the game. Some good people gave us a lot of tips and advices about kickstarter, press, and game developing. Our community helped us with the feedback on the demo version, so we are going to tune the gameplay, and change some things in the game.

Krealit team wish to thank you all for your attention and your help! It`s very important for us, and it inspire us to finish the game and make it as great as possible!

The game will be released in the next two to four months, as we promised. You`ll get about 20 storyline levels, a lot of great weapons and towers, characters abilities, and of course hordes of zombies to shoot!

The project progress will be posted on the facebook, twitter and homepage. Also the homepage will be revised soon!

Thank you! May the god of games help us all!

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krealit Sep 19, 2013 @ 6:00pm 
@greencoman It means that we have to work hard to finish the game before we die of starvation :D The game will be released on steam when we get in the top 100 and get greenlit.
greencoman Sep 11, 2013 @ 2:31pm 
What does this mean for you. Will I be able to buy this on stream or just through your website. Any chance it will see an XBLA release?
krealit Sep 8, 2013 @ 12:10pm 
Well, IT happens :) Thank you! Now we are working hard to finish the game. But if we get greenlit it would be awesome!
greencoman Sep 7, 2013 @ 2:29pm 
Sorry to hear. I thought this game looked fun. I hope all goes well for you. I would like to hear an update on how you are doing.