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BuildVille - World Creator
December 2, 2013 - MaDPuPPeT

Go to the website for details.

Or just download directly, extract somewhere and run the exe. You'll need to install OpenAL if you don't already have it.

September 11, 2013 - MaDPuPPeT

I've set up a Buildville forum for anyone interested in helping to shape Buildville over the coming months/years.

July 31, 2013 - MaDPuPPeT

I've updated the demo to fix ATI card issues and add some support for graphics cards of extremely low spec machines.


July 30, 2013 - MaDPuPPeT

I've been requested by a few people for early access to a demo of Buildville...

So I've posted up the current windows runtime v0.001 to my website

its a pre-pre-alpha. NOTHING in it can be considered final. There is enough for building and creativity but you can't really hook up any sort of objective based game with it yet and its only been tested on a couple of PCs. You can play local multiplayer splitscreen if you multiple X360 controllers plugged in.

So if you're desparate to try it out early, feel free to download and play with it.
You can send feedback emails to


July 6, 2013 - MaDPuPPeT

I've posted ths is comments also, but thought it probably should go here also.

I thought I should do this as an annoucement before I am deluged with "This is just a minecraft clone, get original!" comments...

Firstly, yes it is... inspired by minecraft..

Some background...

My son is addicted to Minecraft but I wanted a version where you could make your own objects/tile/actors and missions. This is more a game creator than a game, really.

Each world is self contained, so all the actors, tiles and objects you create are packaged with the world.

I wanted something that anyone could just mod easily. Modding minecraft seems like quite a steep learning curve. This will have mostly ingame modding with event structures similar to Construct -- ie. if use and I have this item, then do this...

I also just want to be able to add any sort of fun things that I want, like cars and planes, and an FPS mode, and a platform game, etc. And it supports 3D and will support Occulis Rift natively when the 1080p devkits come out.

So, not sure where this will evolve over the year. The purpose for getting on steam is just to raise money so I can work on t fulltime rather than part time, and so I can share the PC version which makes a great party game in split screen dual monitor mode.

Its cross platform with the iOS and Mac versions which I'll be releasing shortly, so if its never released on Steam, at least enjoy it there. Not sure what I'll do with the PC version.

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