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February 19 - Dascu

Hello, fellow damned souls.

This month marks around a year of development time for Malebolgia. It's been difficult to combine this gargantuan task with my studies and job, but my passion pushes me further. Happily, the game design is really coming together and a functional alpha of the entire game inches closer within the next months.

The game is still far from finished, but I feel more and more confident that the end is in sight. The work is now less about creating new assets, putting in fresh features or major changes, but rather improving and perfecting what is there.

More in detail, the following features are being worked on and many of them already implemented:
- Four different weapons, with their own movesets and functions.
- Six major boss fights, a dozen lesser demons.
- A handful of NPCs and story scenes.
- Nearly the entire fortress, interiors and exteriors, has been modelled out and explorable in-game.

I'm currently working on the combat and seeing how far I can push things. I find the gameplay is approaching action-horror and a comparison with Dark Souls rather than Amnesia: The Dark Descent would be in order. But Malebolgia is its own beast and such a comparison is still inadequate to describe the game.

I see that Valve's staff has been greenlighting many, many titles recently. Let us hope Malebolga makes the cut soon as well! Spread the word!

October 30, 2013 - Dascu

Hello, fellow adventurers.

Malebolgia has seen a fari amount of change, work and progress in the past months. Many gameplay aspects have been updated to result in a more enjoyable and challenging exprience. Consequently, the project has also increased in scope and will therefore be released at a later time than the original announced Fall 2013 timeframe. Several months of extra development time are required.

Some of the big improvements include:

- The randomization aspect of the level design has been scrapped in favour of a hand-crafted fortress. This will ensure proper pacing and offer better incentive to explore this interconnected world. Each room is now unique and there are no useless dead-ends. The map has also been expanded and upgraded.

- Combat now features lock-on, strafing, three weapons (rapier, halberd and pistol), and has generally been tweaked for better responsiveness and challenge.

- Enemy designs have all been changed in order to make full use of the new level and combat design. Several new types have also been created. There's around a dozen of vicious monsters now.

Many thanks to the (select and small) group of people who have been play-testing a demo build. A public demo would appear much closer to release.

The Greenlight campaign is going sluggish, ever since dropping off from the main Featured list. This decline was fully expected however. A stronger marketing push, with new trailer and press demo should put us back on track. That said, Steam has been very kind to indie developers lately, and its pace of Greenlighting submissions has increased substantially.

We haven't quite made up our minds yet about a crowdfunding campaign (Kickstarter vs IndieGoGo, when to start, target goal, etc.). Right now the focus is on making Malebolgia the best product it can be, with the resources that we have available.

Thanks for the support, and let's hope we get Greenlit soon!

July 27, 2013 - Dascu

A short trailer detailing some of the gameplay features of Malebolgia has been uploaded. Keep in mind that this is just a small glimpse at what you can do and where you can go in the game.

Furthermore, the quality of the footage is admittedly not that great (blame my capture software), and some of the visuals (especially animation) is lackluster. Obviously those issues will be resolved in due time.

The end of the trailer points towards a Kickstarter, though the campaign has not yet been launched. But that will happen very soon, and I can already mention that the target goal will be quite low. Malebolgia is already far into development, and consequently does not require large sums of money to be finished.

Lastly, much of the feedback in the comments has been very helpful and been taken into account. Thank you all.

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