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Dudefish Episode 1: Squidsteen's Legacy
October 15, 2013 - Perfectly Paranormal

No, you didn't drink one too many Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster and your reading skills continue to serve you well! We did actually decide to release Dudefish for free and you can download it for your computer straight from our site. Just follow the link and start the fun!

You can choose between downloading and playing it on browser. If you download it, there is no loading time between levels.

We will update the game if any of you wonderful beings find bugs and more languages are coming soon and on demand! If you like the game, please take the time to give it an up vote on steam greenlight so we can release it here too!

Feel free to ask us questions and give us feedback!

-Love Perfectly Paranormal!

October 2, 2013 - DeliaTee

"I'm upvoting this because (A) it looks hilarious, (B) it reminds of some of my favorite classic adventure games from the 90s, and (C) I laughed out loud at the Big Daddy helmets being part of a goldfish cemetary. I wanna test the alpha!" - Rabbi_Himself

Hello, everyone. We finally pulled our fins together and decided on who shall be the very first alpha-tester. Thanks to everyone who commented and has been checking in with us. Our favorite comment, of all them awesome ones, is Rabbi_Himself. He has been contacted and a download code shall be on its way. Now what are waiting for you little buggers? Keep commenting and another code might be sent swimming your way.

Perfectly Paranormal

September 4, 2013 - Perfectly Paranormal

Just wanna let you delicious little buggers know that we have reached our first milestone of 100 unique comments (after our last announcement) so we will be giving away an alpha to literally the luckiest person you will ever know before you manage to say "Do I dig I'm a dead hoofer while I'm getting dizzy with the dame". So stay tuned and keep not shaving your eyebrows! Also keep on making people comment. The first 100 comments will be pulled for every mile stone. So even if you commented first you will still have a chance to win an alpha and maybe get your face as a fish in the background by the 1000th pull etc.

-Love the Perfectest of the Paranormals,- Perfectly Paranormal!

July 22, 2013 - DeliaTee

We are nearly done with our game and can't wait to let some of you buggers test it out and give us your opinions! To get to try the alpha (which is pretty damn close to just owning the whole game) you just have to comment!

Give us a comment and mark it with: "I wanna test the alpha" at the end.

For each 100th comment we will pick one lucky bastard that will get to test the alpha and get his name on the credits.

For each 500th comment we will pick one lucky leprechaun that will get to test the alpha, get his name on the credits AND have his face on an idle fish in the background!

For each 1000th comment we will pick a lucky son of a bitch drenched in unicorn juice that will get to test the alpha, get his name on the credits AND receive a decorative Liquid courage bottle, Dudefish trademark!

So put your comment hats on and gggooo nuts! The offer ends once we reach 5000 comments from unique users.
No need to comment several times to increase your chances of winning! Just one comment per user is enough.

GOOD LUCK! - Love, Perfectly Paranormal

July 12, 2013 - DeliaTee

Greetings, everyone! We just uploaded a new gameplay trailer to show you a small part of the things you can interract with. You get a peek at how stuff works in the game and what you're supposed to do. This goes out especially to those of you who commented they were not sure how to play. Thanks for all the feedback so far. We are making adjustments and finetuning thanks to you! Keep them comments coming!

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