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Iron Soul
Steam-ageddon! Iron Soul passes Steam Greenlight
2. lokakuu, 2013 - BluBeeGames

The great tradition of adding “ageddon” to bots has finally paid off with the passage of Iron Soul through the dangerous process of Steam Greenlight. Of course that would have never been even remotely possible if it wasn’t for the passionate and amazing support of everyone here who voted for us. So, a million times “thank you”. You guys and gals ROCK!
Iron Soul will be making its ultimate Steam debut soon so, stay with us for an updated and even crazier version of the bot-mageddon!


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Underdrill 9. loka, 2013 11.16 
Psycho 2. loka, 2013 22.20 
Congrats, looking forward to your launch.
~Lightning~ 2. loka, 2013 14.09 
0dds_0f_Even 2. loka, 2013 13.48 
Koenken 2. loka, 2013 12.51 
Left? 2. loka, 2013 12.14 
Dalek 2. loka, 2013 12.11