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Satellite Reign
20 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

We just broke #49 on Greenlight...we are in the top 50!

With 7 days to go the campaign is at 76% funded on Kickstarter with 8,709 backers.

...currently we have over 26,000 yes votes on Greenlight.

Those numbers are promising but we need everyones help to make this happen.
It's a game dying to be made, lets make it happen. :)

Thank you for all the support everyone.

- 5 Lives Team

20 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

Hello Agents...

Since we're are knuckling down preparing the FINAL week onslaught of updates for the Kickstarter we thought it might be time to have our agents do a bit of reconnaissance work for us.

We are also doing a Twitch Live Stream, so join in and ask us anything you like.

Head over to check out your mission update and the Twitch times for your part of the world: Facebook Blitz

- 5 lives Team

18 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

Head over to our Kickstarter page to learn more about our stretch goals and the new Digital tier:Stretch Goals and more!

17 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

The second of our "Meet the..." features covering the 4 agents of your squad is up!

Head over to the KS page check it out. Meet the Hacker

16 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

We are happy to announce we are opening the floodgates to add-ons.

Add-Ons are available to anyone who has pledges at the "Loyal Citizen" tier or higher.

To add one of these items to your pledge tier, simply add the correct amount of funds to your pledge. And at the end of the Kickstarter you will receive a survey where you can specify which add-ons you require (remember to add £3 for Delivery outside the UK).

On top of that, due to popular demand we're now offering a brand new tier that will allow you to get a unique, Bob Miniature Figure! The parts used to create him are in limited supply so we can only offer him at an exclusive tier. So any tier on or above the new "Bobbylicious" tier will receive this bad boy...

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