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Satellite Reign
Meet the Assassin Agent
25 luglio 2013 - 5 Lives Studios

Hidden amongst the dark recesses of any megacity street, you can find them...if you know the right person, where to meet, and what to ask that is. When you need a target executed quietly, without evidence, witness or remorse, you need...The Assassin Agent.

Meet the...Assassin Agent

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dandr0id 10 ago 2013, ore 8:18 
Hell yes!! so awesome
XxXPROMLGS^7s3ñ0r1337PROXx 26 lug 2013, ore 3:54 
@RadKit It's next book i'm going to read after Harrison's 50 in 50. Heh.
CamSHABAM 25 lug 2013, ore 20:42 
Meier 25 lug 2013, ore 10:17 
Yet again awesome art work.
Blue Guard 25 lug 2013, ore 9:58 
A man who makes bringing a gun to a knife fight a really bad idea!
Chape 25 lug 2013, ore 8:38 
Stealth and a blade = Quiet

If a blade master gets in close, it'll be messy, no matter what hi-tech weapon you have.. Getting in close my be a little tricky, if you don't have hi-tech cloaking devices or the shadows :D
Shrubee 25 lug 2013, ore 8:34 
Well, I guess, using invincible and sharp blades make a sense even in the future
RadKit 25 lug 2013, ore 8:23 
@train watch Dune sometime will ya?
XxXPROMLGS^7s3ñ0r1337PROXx 25 lug 2013, ore 7:42 
Blades? Why use it in future? I mean, you got hi-tec weapons. If someone just rushes an enemy with sword or something, he will be shot.
Craik ~ Zukuto 25 lug 2013, ore 7:31 
just gimme teh Game...stop talking xD !