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5. januar - UltimateFantasy

It looks as though I'll be able to process some very affordable regional translations through the local college and the community immigration integration center in my city. This means that after the first year of releasing the english version of the game on my website, I should have a solid translation of The Meridian Shard into Russian, Japanese, French and German. Also, a fellow steam member has offered to assist with a Portuguese translation as well. If you are fluent in reading and writing english and any of the above, or other languages, please pm me and let me know! Email me here: justin@ultimatefantasystudio.com

Thanks all you beautiful people!

1. januar - UltimateFantasy

Thank you everyone for your amazing support! It meeans a lot to a solo-developer with a micro budget! We did it, and raised our funds with 160 backers from around the globe who love old school games and a good story to go along with them. Now it's time for months of work with a new invigorated budget and spirit!


7. oktober, 2013 - UltimateFantasy

I have been working recently with LAI (Language Automation Inc) to come-up with an affordable option for translating and localizing The Meridian Shard to German, Japanese, French and Russian. This means that the translations would be done by a human being who is fluent in the languages that they are working with, and not some software that cannot possible account for the tone and expression that is unique to human communication. I am hoping that soon after the official english version release of the game, we will be able to market a linguistically accurate version for the other languages mentioned above. I am also offering a paid service for fan-translations into more lanuguages in 2014. I want this game and story available to everyone no matter where they live or what language(s) they speak/read.

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