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2014. december 6. - Justin Cuff

You'll see that there are several languages other than English that I will be producing the game in. This of course will take time, but will be completed eventually after the English version is published. I have purchased a localization software and will be submitted the converted text to an agency with real human beings to edit it for the game. When will this be ready? No idea. But it is very important to me that The Meridian Shard will eventually be available in as many languages as possible so that everyone around the world can enjoy the story and characters. I may possibly look at a community-based translation team if the interest is there from players. Thank you.

2014. december 6. - Justin Cuff

Following the progress of the game's publication, I will first be working on localised language translations for the Windows version, and then I will look at porting to Mac and Linux. I will need to hire help for a few months of solid programming to get the ports finished, and I may have another option through Unity to wrap and import the current version, but I will need to study this further, as there is a lot of documentation regardling EULA's to cover first. NO PROMISES, but I am willing to pay for the help and do the work for the ports when the time comes.

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