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Colonies Online
March 17, 2014 - tausham

Minor update which introduces the possibility of arranging containers and storing items inside them. Some bugs got fixed as well.

List of changes:


Containers became available. Container is a construction used for item storage. Containers are subject to the general rules of construction arrangement. Note that items can be deposited in or taken out of the container by any character able to take advantage of the container. Upon destruction of the container, all the items deposited inside it are destroyed.

Construction performance has been improoved.


Capacity of loot containers has been increased.

Bugs Fixes

Fixed crash upon planet transfer or respawn.
Fixed door functionality.

March 7, 2014 - tausham

An opportunity to use elements of construction for building appeared in the game. Constructions are one of the main features of Colonies Online. In this update only the most basic features of construction opportunity are implemented, at the moment constructions can only provide security to the characters. In the future we are planning to regularly add various devices which will make buildings a crucial aspect of the game. Various elements of construction will help players build almost anything, from a small home to a large fortified colony.

List of changes:


Facility, or building, is a group of constructions, it includes general game mechanics associated with construction process. Energy network is connected to a building to ensure functioning of energy-requiring construction elements. To differentiate access to facilities and constructions for a number of characters, one may assign different roles to characters.


Construction is an element of the facility. This may be a fragment of the floor or ceiling, a wall, or some device. You can purchase constructions from a special vendor on the starting planet.

Power Supply

Some constructions have got features that require energy, e.g. the energy shield of the walls which only functions when the facility is supplied with sufficient energy. Energy is produced by special devices - power generators.

December 4, 2013 - tausham

We made ​​a small update 0.6.1

List of changes:

Bug Fixes
Fixed a bug that caused incorrect work of the game on the configurations with AMD graphics cards.

Visual Improvements
Several visual improvements have been made.

December 2, 2013 - tausham

We are pleased to announce, that the long-awaited, dedicated to our game forum launched on our website. There are many topics that we can not wait to discuss with players and our forum should be the perfect place for this. Description of game features, our plans, guides and tips for beginners - all this and more can be found in sections of the forum. We always look forward to you the Colonies Online Official Forum[], and hope that the forum will be a place pleasant communication!

November 1, 2013 - tausham

We installed a small update in the game. List of new features below:

List of changes:


Loot appeared in the game. From now on for killing monsters and characters the player will receive a variety of items. The loot received automatically appears in a special container in the inventory interface. The player can at any time shift items from loot container to inventory. If the loot container is full, the player will not be able to loot and all the items intended for the player will be lost. Make sure that your container always has got room for new items!

For killing other characters players will now receive loot instead of unars. Loot from the character is a number of items from his loot container. Move especially valuable trophies from loot container to inventory if you do not want to lose them in battles with other players.

Equipment price change

Purchasing of advanced equipment now requires special items - Xenodins. Xenodins are available as loot for killing Queens who appear from lairs at all the planets except the starting planet.

Do not forget to download the new client to access the game. Download link you can find in your account on our website.

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