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One Finger Death Punch
3 martie, 2014 - Silver Dollar Games

A big thank you to everyone for making this game a reality on Steam. This wouldn’t have happened without you so thank you so very much! This game is a strange two button experiment that many people wouldn’t have given a second glance at. You played the demo, wrote many comments, gave us your precious votes and now this game can be shared with PC gamers around the world.

There were many challenges we faced getting this game on Steam. Working with XNA and our code in conjunction with the Steam SDK was beyond us and frankly we feel lucky and proud to have gotten Achievements and Leaderboards into this game. We wished we could have done more, but XNA is just too difficult to work with. We’re planning on using Unity for our future endeavors which will give us much more flexibly.

We know the stickmen and art style isn’t at the high standards of other great titles on Steam, but I really hope you can look past this big obstacle and give the game a try. The gameplay truly is unique.
Thank you all so much.

5 decembrie, 2013 - Silver Dollar Games

Thank you all so very much for all of your comments, discussions, and support. Thanks to all of you we were able to be greenlit. We know the green light process is not as difficult as it first was many months ago, but it was still quite a journey for us.

We made the game available on Desura,,,, and {LINK ÎNLĂTURAT}. We also made a lengthly demo that I hope you all had a chance to try.

The game has incredible reviews and was covered by so many awesome people via podcasts and blogs. There was even a Eurogamer tournament that included One Finger Death Punch.

One Finger Death Punch was the grand prize winner of the 2012 Dream.Build.Play competition.

After all that and your amazing support we finally got greenlit.

We know the game doesn't visually impress on the surface and it's going to be a hard sell to the majority of Steam users, but the gameplay is solid and the fun factor is definately there. We sincerely hope that One Finger Death Punch has a place on Steam in today's market and we look forward to releasing it in the coming months. We're looking forward to adding Steam achievements. I think that's going to be a lot of fun.


5 decembrie, 2013 - Silver Dollar Games

We're happy to announce that One Finger Death Punch is now a part of Bundle In A Box.


The other games in the bundle are really cool and the minimum price is only $1.99. The bundle also supports charity which is my favorite part. Check it out.

12 noiembrie, 2013 - Silver Dollar Games

We're pleased to announce that One Finger Death Punch is now on the Indie Game Stand.

To meet an average minimum price point suggested by Indie Game Stand the price of One Finger Death Punch on is $5.

What gives? A few have suggested it's massively under valued on other markets, which is neat. But the real deal here is during sales you pay what you want and 10% goes to chairty. That's really what makes cool in our opinion.

7 noiembrie, 2013 - Silver Dollar Games

Mangeur de Foin destroys One Finger Death Punch with a Survival mode kill count of 7013. I'm sure a kill count this high took over an hour to get. My hat goes off to you. Truly legendary.

Previous best goes to KingOreO with an incredible score of 5514 survival round kills. This score blows away my personal best and is extremely impressive.

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