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The Sun at Night
19. juli 2013 - Minicore Studios

Happy Friday!

We've posted a new video that gives you a brief overview of the rebel camp you visit at the start of the game. Here, you'll meet a lot of important characters and run errands that only a special robot dog could run.
One mission, which you'll see briefly in the game, involves ridding a supply tower of its feral, mutant bird population.

We'll update again this weekend!

The MInicore Crew

17. juli 2013 - Minicore Studios

We've added two new videos to the project.

The first is an introduction to our aiming system. In Laika Believes, you’ll have total control over the direction in which you shoot. With a controller, you move the right stick to move the aiming reticle. If you play with a keyboard and mouse, you’ll have free aim on the screen. Either way, you’ve got a lot of control over your shooting. To that end, we’ve incorporated an aim assist.

You can adjust this assist in the options menu. In the video, you’ll see it both at its minimum (basically a straight line with no discernable assist) and its maximum (wide cone with great assist).

It’s about choice. For those who want a challenge, the aim assist will only hold you back. If you want to enjoy exploration and story, crank up the assist and blow by your enemies. We took a cue from AbleGamers Foundation and their awesome accessibility doc called Includification. Our remappable controls and soft aim assist should help folks with accessibility needs to play our game more effectively. That won’t be the last feature we implement in that vein.

Our second video is an offensive sequence in the game. You can see Laika using four of her available weapons in the video, including the powerful (but costly) Laser Cutter and the short-range Lightning Cannon, which can link between enemies.

There’s a little of everything in the video. Different weapons, different enemies, some platforming, etc. It’s short, but we’ll take those elements and put them under a microscope in the coming weeks.

We plan on making more of these mini-featurettes that will focus on different gameplay mechanics and in game features. Here’s what else you can expect in the coming weeks:

Weapon Spotlight
- Blaster
- Machine Gun
- Shotgun
- Missile Launcher
- Laser Cutter
- Lightning Cannon

- Guarding
- Counterattacks

- Agility
- Hacking
- Map System

- Laika
- Main NPCs
- Enemies
- Bosses
- Places

- Music
- Scripting System

Thanks again for your support so far! Feel free to ask us questions!

The Minicore Crew

12. juli 2013 - Minicore Studios


We appreciate the variety of discourse we're seeing on the Comments section of this project, but we won't allow hateful language or imagery on the board. We want this to be a safe space for people to discuss the project itself.

Thank you,
The Minicore Team

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