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Level Editor!
29 Eylül 2013 - defaxer

That was unexpected :) but I managed to develop a functional ingame level editor for Inverto. And it was not so hard as I've expected it to be. Just think, than I kept putting off the development, for quite a long time already of the tool which helps create a basic playable level in couple of hours! It still lacks some gameplay objects, and some features of the game require a redesign/simplification to be added to editor.
Read more info on IndieDB
And be sure to watch that video!

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3 Yorum
patrick_cpp 7 Eki 2013 @ 0:47 
So etwas mag ich, im Spiel ein Editor einzubauen :-)
sense 29 Eyl 2013 @ 21:41 
Awesome. Good game + editor = F yeah :D
GoldenThundeer 29 Eyl 2013 @ 16:07 
Sweet! :D