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Mount Your Friends
February 23, 2014 - Stegersaurus Software

Sorry for the silence up til now. I know its been a while since I talked about Mount Your Friends for Steam. It's not that I didn't want to, but more that I was hoping for lots of new and exciting things to show. I've been working on the Steam edition of Mount Your Friends and it IS still planned to be released, it's just taking a lot longer than I hoped it would. I don't really have an excuse for this, as the project should have gone promptly and is more down to my own lack of productivity than anything else.

I really want to thank everyone who voted on the game who are looking forward to getting it when it hits Steam, and wanted to check in just to assure you all that there is work being done. I'm excited to get a PC version of the game finished and the added new features like being able to import graphics for your customization, and even more competitive and score based modes. I've been experimenting with various modes, and there are some interesting new features the game will have. I hope to get back on track to sharing more of these features soon. Until then, keep your eyes peeled

Also if you have the XBox version, I suppose now is as good a time as any to reveal the "other" secret codes I've kept all this time. PAINTMENOW will get you a whole bunch of body paints for your climbers if you don't already have them! Also get some of the outfits from other upcoming Steam releases by friends of mine using YAWHG, and SPACETIME. Or get cameos from classic Steam releases like DISCGUN for a Super Crate Box outfit or HORSEARMOR for DLC Quest. Honestly, as fun as it was me making outfits for Mount Your Friends, I'm hopeful to see even more crazy outfits being made when I open up outfit development for everyone on the PC edition!

September 10, 2013 - Stegersaurus Software

The latest patch for Mount Your Friends on XBox[] has been released and enables the much-anticipated team editor into the game. Players can now customize the look of their team of climbers and earn outfit pieces. Along with this new feature comes a ton of new, secret codes to unlock cameos from various other games and youtube personalities. I won't spill the beans on ALL of them just yet, but for now here's a code to get your customizations started.

Code to enter into Unlock Code screen: NOTNAKED

August 28, 2013 - Stegersaurus Software

The Greenlight

Mount Your Friends was featured on The Greenlight show by Josh Mattingly and Jesse Cox! I've been a fan of Jesse and Josh for a long while so it's an honor to be featured.

You'll also notice that their climbers look somewhat... unique. These are a preview of the upcoming CAMEOS patch that's coming to the XBox Live Indie Games version of the game[]. I've been working on this patch for a while to get all the people I wanted in the game. There's some fun surprises to be found, and of course the long awaited team editor.

Since my last update, there's been a TON of press coverage of the game that I've been so thankful for. Here's just a handful of the articles that have come out. I'll post some more when the cameo patch actually hits!
Kotaku's Patrica Hernandez
Rock Paper Shotgun's Cara Ellison
Gay Gamer's Chris Eades[]
PC Gamer's Ian Bimbaum
some of IGN's crew play on video

It's also been great watching Mount Your Friends become a repeating game being played on Polaris' Friend Zone show on youtube. I'm a big fan of a lot of the personalities who are partnered with Polaris, so seeing them play the game has been a real treat for me.

If you have the XBox version of the game, the cameos patch should be up in a week or so, depending on how fast XBox peer reviews go (I don't really have control over it in other words). But when it does go live, I'll make a new post here and include a secret *unlock code* for new outfits for you to play with!

June 27, 2013 - Stegersaurus Software

Adding to the expanding XBox Live version of the game[], the Equality Skin Pack and the new, heavily requested sandbox mode have been added. The sandbox mode, now named ManCraft lets players build using their climbers without worrying about the competitive nature of the sport of Mounting. A video showing what can be built in this new mode has been added to the video set, or can be found directly on youtube

I plan to continue supporting the game with more content in the weeks and months to come, and hope that these changes can eventually get onto Steam as well with your help. Thanks everyone who has voted so far, and helped support both the game's Greenlight campaign and its XBox release! It has truly meant a lot to me.

June 13, 2013 - Stegersaurus Software

Thanks everyone who have been supportive so far and who have helped push Mount Your Friends up the Greenlight ladder for a PC release! Today we are announcing the expanded skin pack. Mount Your Friends now has 70 unique climber modifiers as can be seen in the Mount Your Friends: Equality Trailer. These new outfits will be added to the XBox Live Indie Games version soon and will be part of the eventual Steam PC version if we get through Greenlight.

As well, a big thanks go out to the various YouTube personalities who have been covering the game both on XBox and this Greenlight campaign. If you'd like to find more, real gameplay footage of Mount Your Friends search for Mount Your Friends on YouTube! In particular, YouTubers such as pewdiepie, UberHaxorNova, Northernlion, and JSmithOTI all have videos of Mount Your Friends on their channels. Thanks for your support of this new, extreme sporting event!

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