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Cube & Star: A Love Story
June 6, 2013 - Fritz


Today marks roughly 1 week on Greenlight for Cube & Star: A Love Story.

Let me tell you pertinent details about that week:

  • Cube & Star: A Love Story has received 2,404 "Yes" votes
  • As a result, it is 14% of the way to the Top 100
  • Of all views, Cube & Star: A Love Story has received 26% Yes votes, 4% Ask Again and 70% No thanks (that's around average, based on my research).

Traffic is beginning to slow down (there is a spike upon submission and then it quietens down) - which means that we have to start proverbially hitting the street to promote the Greenlight and get those "Yes" votes coming in. So stay tuned... we'll try to get some media coverage and what-not over the coming weeks.

I am in the process of moving from Sydney, Australia to Los Angeles, California (big move!) so I will be a little quiet in the next week as I find an apartment and get a computer and such.

If you'd like to keep in touch or talk about one thing or another - holler out on Twitter!

I also have a Cube & Star: A Love Story playable demo / development build - so I'll likely put that up when I've settled in Los Angeles. What do you think? I think there are good / bad points of uploading a "work in progress". I guess time will tell.

And that's all from me at present!

Thankyou so much for the support thus far. It is a long road (like life) but ultimately it will be a beautiful thing (unlike life).

If you have any questions or would like to know more about... Greenlight stats / figures, behind-the-scenes stuff, or... really anything - leave a comment. Always happy to open the (figurative) kimono.

Oh and I've also temporarily replaced the robot-voiced trailer with a sound-effect/music-only trailer, while I gather together voices for the Square Voiced Project. Time will tell if that makes a positive difference!

-Joshua McGrath

June 1, 2013 - Fritz

Friends! I just had a brainwave while in the shower.

Since the "robot voice" is the most controversial part of the Cube & Star world thus far; and since I wanted to keep the characters gender-neutral (ruling out single-source voice actors) - I had a thought:

How would you - the denizens of Steam, like to be the voice of the Cubes and Stars?

What I'm thinking is this: I will provide the script for the video - and if you're super-excited, you can record yourself (either as audio or a video reply to the trailer) - and I will subsequently mix all of your lovely voices together into an ebbing/flowing cocktail of different ages, genders and accents!

And taking that further - your name will be forever immortalized either in a credit list or... or... or...
In the pool of names from which the game character's names are drawn.

I think that's a great concept!

Thoughts? Feelings?

Click the link below to read the blog about it.

Enter The Square Voice Project[]

I'm excited!

-Joshua McGrath

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