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World of Diving
Early gameplay footage
14 giugno 2013 - Vertigo Games

Brave explorers of the world,

Today we've released the very first early gameplay footage of World of Diving. We can't wait to hear what you think about it!

Kind regards,

The Vertigo Team

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20 commenti
-Frost 24 set 2013, ore 9:53 
when is the game available?
Limey21 18 set 2013, ore 16:28 
Looks good.
Sir Swerves 28 lug 2013, ore 21:47 
so long.. and thanks for all the fish!
nemisisofspectre 23 lug 2013, ore 22:57 
Very cool
iNfAiNf 15 lug 2013, ore 22:31 
Thanks for all the fish! i just supported you guys ;) Cant wait to experience this game with my Oculus Rift + Multiplayer! its gonna be so epic, the perfect oculus rift game, thumbs up yall the game looks beautiful and awesome!
Miss seven 12 lug 2013, ore 2:38 
Sounds great :).
Vertigo Games 8 lug 2013, ore 7:54 
@Miss seven We will do our best to make the behaviours of the sea's inhabitants as realistic as possible in the future. This means that a shark would generally leave a diver alone, unless provoked. As this gameplay trailer shows, the shark does not attack the player, but merely swims past, startling the player for a moment.
Miss seven 7 lug 2013, ore 16:27 
This would be a really nice game, but I do not like, that the sharks seems so agressive...
Gashetka 1 lug 2013, ore 13:21 
Looks nice!
maldyus_grm 30 giu 2013, ore 9:34 
This footage definitely cements my decision to support your game;it looks very beautiful,gameplay is solid,and it has great atmosphere.