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World of Diving
September 3, 2014 - Vertigo Games

HOORAY! After many months of development, more than 22.5k forum posts with constructive feedback and awesome ideas from you, and growing our community out to a whopping 6k+ of open-minded enthusiasts, World of Diving is finally getting its Steam Early Access launch today.

The game is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access at a price point of $19.99 / € 19.99 / £ 14.99.
What are you waiting for? Go check it out here:

All-new trailer: Early Access gameplay
We've created a new trailer featuring some all-new gameplay elements - including the mission editor that will allow you to create your own underwater content and share this with our awesome community!

Watch at your own peril, you might not be able to resist... ;)

What is included in the Early Access game?
Apart from the currently available content, the upcoming update (=Early Access build) will include two brand-new levels to explore, so there's also going to be something new for our current players!

  • Diving Base
  • HMS Tranquility
  • U-352
  • Yongala
  • Hilma Hooker ***NEW***
  • Lockheed Electra (Amelia Earhart) ***NEW***

And let's not forget about the new features. We've been implementing some player progression which we'd love your feedback on, as well as the SUPER AWESOME mission editor. Start creating and sharing your own content in this new update - you won't believe how much we're looking forward to playing your missions. The sky (or should I say, the surface) is the limit!

What's next?
The Early Access launch is just the first big step for World of Diving - onto the full game launch! Behind the scenes, development always continues, and our next upcoming dive location will be a historic one: German WW2 Battleship the Bismarck! This wreck was located in June, 1989, by Robert Ballard (who you might know as the guy who discovered the Titanic). Read more about it here and check out a first, mysterious visual below...

Thanks for sharing this HUGE moment with us and for helping us get here: you guys are awesome. As always, don't forget to check in with us on the forums[]!

- The Vertigo Games Team

July 18, 2014 - Vertigo Games

The latest World of Diving update is now available and will take you on a journey back in time in an all-new level for you to explore: the U-352 diving site. The U-352 is a German war submarine that sunk in the heat of World War II on 9 May 1942 - just south of Morehead City, North Carolina, USA.

Time-travel with us to Morehead City, North Carolina, USA (yup, they got that close!) in this video showcasing the new U-352 diving site level:

Play now at {LINK REMOVED}

July 1, 2014 - Vertigo Games

We're super proud to announce that the HMS Tranquility, better known as Sgt_Brony's shipwreck, is now available to explore in World of Diving: Stage 0. Ponies ahoy!

Check out [] for more information

December 19, 2013 - Vertigo Games

Dear explorers of the world,

It’s been a while since our last update, and we’ve got to tell you, things have changed quite a bit around here!

Today we released the first pre-alpha multiplayer footage for World of DIving. Check it out below!

New community platform

We’ve been working on a new community platform for the past couple of weeks, and the result is now live for you to give a try[] (yay, bugs!). World of Diving is getting closer to its release every day, and we’ve got loads of stuff for your to do here in the mean time. From today, you can begin customizing and building upgrading your Diving level[], unlocking in-game rewards, and finding friends to team up with – making sure that you’ll be on top of your game when World of Diving is released in the second half of 2014.

Before you dive in, you might want to check out the Quick-Start Guide[] we’ve created for you that has all the information about the new platform, Diving levels and what you can do to earn the Diving XP needed to upgrade them, and Dubloons (virtual currency) that you can use to purchase a variety of paid in-game items in the shop[].

Early access & prototype

All pre-orders will receive a digital copy of the game once it is released. Apart from this, we will soon release a prototype of World of Diving (Q1 2014), which will become available for those who have pre-ordered the game and are Diving level “Scuba Diver” or up. The closed beta is to follow mid 2014 for those who have pre-ordered the game and are Diving level “Shark Whisperer” and up.

Please be sure to leave a comment to let us know your thoughts!

Happy holidays!

- The Vertigo Games Team

September 19, 2013 - Vertigo Games

Dear explorers of the world,

World of Diving has been Greenlit by YOU!

We want to thank you all for your great support and belief in World of Diving! We could never have made it this far if it wasn’t for you, and we feel all of you are just as committed as us to make this game into reality.

It has been 3 months since we first showed you the prototype footage of World of Diving. Since then, we have been featured on sites, in magazines and newspapers, and we started growing a fantastic community of fans and backers on

Some of you have been asking us to share more updates with you, and although we might seem a little quiet now and then, we want to assure you that we are working around the clock to create World of Diving, and that we’re listening to your feedback on Steam and the official forums and incorporating this as we go.

With renewed energy and anticipation, we continue the development and hope to provide our backers with a first alpha version of the game within the coming months. And as the game is coming together, we will finally be able to show you a lot more footage and insights into the development.

So keep up your great support for World of Diving and tell your friends, colleagues and fellow dive fans about our incredible triumph right here on Steam!

Many thanks,

The Vertigo Games Team

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