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Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel

Hello everybody!

The last update was on January, wow! When your mind is so focused in a project, time seems to go away faster without you noticing...

Well, how is Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel doing, after restarting art and script last year? It’s going forward, maybe not as fast as everyone would want, but steadily. And now, we are happy to inform you that the first act of the game (which is also the first hotel floor) has finally taken shape! This means that a bit more than a 25% of the final game is fully playable, with the final art already implemented.

This first act may be the shorter of the game (although, after showcasing parts of it in some game shows, we are very happy with its length!), but as it has a lot of mechanics and art that we’ll be using until the end of the game it’s been the harder to develop.

And now, we want to show it to you all, behold the hotel first floor!

7. Januar - Red Little House

New year has come and we are still alive. 2014 has been an intense year for ‘Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel’. We began last year scraping the full story of the game so we had to start rewriting it. We have also redesigned everything previously done with a new, more coherent, art style. And we think we finally got all the mechanics we want for the environmental puzzles. That means that we almost started anew last year.

We also attended some expos and the game was finally tested by players instead of ourselves, as we are used here in the studio. Watching people play our game told us a lot about what’s still wrong with it, and, while the story is still being worked out, we try to improve the gameplay mechanics as well.

So... What’s up for 2015? We’ll keep working as hard as last year, but with a better defined goal. That way, every single step we make will be in the right direction to finish the game as we expect it to be, so keep posted and wait a little longer, we promise it will be worth!

13. Oktober 2014 - Red Little House

Hello everyone!

This week we'll be showcasing "Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel" at Madrid Games Week, so if you want to know more about Cherry's adventures or have fun with the puzzles we've designed to show Cherry's skills, come and say 'Hi!'

19. September 2014 - Red Little House

We've been lately showing the final art style that will be featured in the game, but in those videos Cherry's animations were still the old ones we had made for testing purposes. We even thought about leaving that Cherry as final, but one thing we take special care about in the game developing process is to know what we want to tell before creating it. The old walking cycle was made before Cherry's personality and role within the story were fully fleshed out. So we gathered together to decide the right way Cherry should walk, until we saw her and said "yeah, that's Cherry". And, after some tests, we think this is the closest we've come to our own vision of the character. And this is only one small step for Cherry...

10. September 2014 - Red Little House

We've released a new trailer to show the new art style, the inventory system and some of the new puzzle mechanics we have now in the game.


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