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Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel
29 januari - Red Little House


Today, the last day of January, we are starting our monthly report, to keep you all informed about the progress of Fleish in Cherry in Crazy Hotel.

The previous report was about year 2014, where we told you that the story we had until then was scrapped and we started writing it anew. So here we have some good news, the new story is finished! And that also means that the script is progressing well.

Also in 2014 the art style and animations were revisited, and we got the new Cherry animation cycles and an understable set of rules to draw characters, objects and backgrounds. During last year we also looked for some help with the animation process, and we found it in Alejandra Huerga[mercurio2539.deviantart.com]. Some of her animations were seen in the latest beta builds we've been showcasing in expos. For the ones who had missed these ocassions, here are a sample of her amazing work animating these two characters:

Before closing this report, we want to say that although there's still no release date, we are giving our all to finish the game late this year (prior playtesting and translations).

If you have any questions for the team, feel free to ask us, either in the comments section, Twitter, mail or the means you chose.

Until next month!

7 januari - Red Little House

Happy New Year!

Here we are again with another "In Toonstruction" chapter! This time, we talk about the process of creating each scene inside the hotel, from both the artistic and logic points of view. As you can see it's a long process which involves most of the team working on it, and we haven't started talking about the puzzles yet!

As always, you can read it HERE[www.redlittlehousestudios.com].

28 december 2015 - Red Little House

Hi, everybody!

You can now read our latest behind the scenes article about the script. In it, we share our past experiences with Crazy Hotel script that didn't work until we got the story we want to tell and how this story is being developed.

To read Chapter 2, CLICK HERE[www.redlittlehousestudios.com].

23 december 2015 - Red Little House

Hello there!

A lot of people ask us why is taking so long to create the game. To answer that, we opted to to show you the how, and we have started writing some articles on the "Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel" Behind the Scenes. And today, we bring you two of these articles:

  • Chapter 0 - Damsel In Distress
    You'll find there a brief introduction to the Damsel in Distress trope and what we do with it. You can read it HERE[www.redlittlehousestudios.com].

  • Chapter 1 - Cherry: From Paper to Life
    We talk here about Cherry's character design, the evolution her appearence has had throughout the development process, and how we managed to convey her nature by the way she's animated. To read this article, follow this LINK[www.redlittlehousestudios.com].

20 mei 2015 - Red Little House

Hello everybody!

The last update was on January, wow! When your mind is so focused in a project, time seems to go away faster without you noticing...

Well, how is Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel doing, after restarting art and script last year? It’s going forward, maybe not as fast as everyone would want, but steadily. And now, we are happy to inform you that the first act of the game (which is also the first hotel floor) has finally taken shape! This means that a bit more than a 25% of the final game is fully playable, with the final art already implemented.

This first act may be the shorter of the game (although, after showcasing parts of it in some game shows, we are very happy with its length!), but as it has a lot of mechanics and art that we’ll be using until the end of the game it’s been the harder to develop.

And now, we want to show it to you all, behold the hotel first floor!

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