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Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel
April 29 - Red Little House

Welcome to our latest monthly report!

April has given us the chance to show again the game to players at Urano Games Week (Zaragoza, Spain) and we are really flattered and humbled at the love and warmth "Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel" received during the three days we'd been showcasing it. The fact that the players enjoy what we are doing give us the strength we need to keep going, that's why we want to say THANK YOU to every one of you who supports us in any way, as a game without players has no meaning.

Of course, there is always room for improvement, and every time we have the chance to see people play the game, we study what can be done better. And one of that things is the tutorial. We've almost got the recipe to make our latest tutorial work, but as "Fleish and Cherry in Crazy Hotel", although being an adventure game, isn't played as your usual adventure games, we need to explain the player how to play it. But tutorials usually are boring, intrusive or (worse!) both. We've managed to keep our tutorial at a minimun, just at the start of the game, and it won't bother you again ever. However, it needs to be more enjoyable and easier to understand. We've been brainstorming ideas and studying the feedback and we think we've achieved what we were looking for. We'll see the next time showing the game!

Another thing we aim to change is what happens when you fail a puzzle. Right now, once Cherry says that the puzzle can't be solved you have to exit and re-enter the puzzle room to reset it and while this solution is in a lot of games, not every player knows it. So, given that Cherry has already said that there's no solution to the current state of the puzzle, the best solution might be to reset the puzzle automatically. As always, it's something that we need to test and see how people react to it.

As always, feel free to comment and share with us what you think about all this.

See you in May!

Hi all!

This has been the first month of remote work since almost three years and you can rest assured that we are working as hard (or even more!) as before in the game.

Two things have defined the work we've been doing these last days:

First, we are wrapping what we want to be the definitive demo version to take to expos, shows and events, where the environment isn't the best for adventure games, which require a more relaxed environment. Also, we are trying to make it a bit shorter, as the demo we have been taking until now needed almost 1 hour to be finished, and a lot of people were unable to play becaouse they were just waiting. And we are making this now because in April we are visiting Zaragoza (Spain) and we are taking Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel with us!

Second, we are moving our website to Tumblr. And making sure that a Tumblr blog looks like our previous website is taking some time, but it'll soon be finished!

Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comments and see you next month!

February 29 - Red Little House

Hello everyone and welcome to our second monthly report!

We end February on a sad note: we can no longer afford to keep a place to work together, so we are forced to close the door of our studio. We've already taken action to allow each member of the team work from their own place and we've detailed the Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel roadmap to make sure everyone knows what has to do, so this won't impact the progress of our game. Nevertheless, we've been working in the studio for more than two and a half years, so it's bit sad leaving it; but we as a team have endured worse situations and they didn't stop us. Also, we want to thank the family who let us work there for so long!

Now, let's about Fleish & Cherry in Crazy Hotel! Since last week, the first act of the game is fully playable! It still has some placeholders here and there, but you can play from start to finish without issues. So it's about time we start working in the final version of the beta we'll be showcasing on events from now on.

Also, to help keeping track of our progress, these reports will include a graph like the one below. Some of the bars are going to grow slowly these next months, like programming or puzzles, but you can expect an impressive boost in graphics and script!

See you next month!

January 29 - Red Little House


Today, the last day of January, we are starting our monthly report, to keep you all informed about the progress of Fleish in Cherry in Crazy Hotel.

The previous report was about year 2014, where we told you that the story we had until then was scrapped and we started writing it anew. So here we have some good news, the new story is finished! And that also means that the script is progressing well.

Also in 2014 the art style and animations were revisited, and we got the new Cherry animation cycles and an understable set of rules to draw characters, objects and backgrounds. During last year we also looked for some help with the animation process, and we found it in Alejandra Huerga[]. Some of her animations were seen in the latest beta builds we've been showcasing in expos. For the ones who had missed these ocassions, here are a sample of her amazing work animating these two characters:

Before closing this report, we want to say that although there's still no release date, we are giving our all to finish the game late this year (prior playtesting and translations).

If you have any questions for the team, feel free to ask us, either in the comments section, Twitter, mail or the means you chose.

Until next month!

January 7 - Red Little House

Happy New Year!

Here we are again with another "In Toonstruction" chapter! This time, we talk about the process of creating each scene inside the hotel, from both the artistic and logic points of view. As you can see it's a long process which involves most of the team working on it, and we haven't started talking about the puzzles yet!

As always, you can read it HERE[].

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