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Need some feedback for Linux build and pricing
May 31, 2013 - nickpadge

First of all, thank you to everyone for your support! I really appreciate all the feedback. Currently I am developing and polishing the beta and it should be available for pre-order/download by the end of June. Please try the alpha for free at my website ( and let me know what can be improved!

In addition, I need some feedback on the Linux specific build. Such as what bugs/errors/crashes occur. I have limited access to Linux so most of my testing has been on Mac/PC. If anyone would like to play a free game on linux, then please head over to my website and download the alpha.

Finally, what would you guys like to see as the final price point? I am aiming for $15, but I will probably have an experimental pricing phase for the first week or so of release. If the retail of the game will be $15, the preorder of the game will be $10 with additional instant beta download, and the first week of release will also probably be discounted to $10. What would you guys pay for the game (without discounts)?

Please leave comments with your input. I need some feedback to make the best game possible! Thank you all again, and check my blog ( for more frequent updates.